Hoi-an-to-Ha-Noi-motorbike-hire Hoi-an-to-Ha-Noi-motorbike-hire
Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire
Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire
Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire
Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire

Hoi An to Ha Noi motorbike hire


  1. Delivering motorbikes at anytime and anywhere
  2. Sending luggages to the next destination for free
  3. Leaving the motorbikes at almost parts of Vietnam
  4. Having own machenic shop for maintaining every day
  5. Various type of motorbike for diffrent selections.
  6. Responsible and enthusiatic team of hidden land travel
  7. Having detailed contract and instruction in English
  8. Troubles support at anytime and anywhere
  9. Responsibilities to local communities


  1. Petrol
  2. Meal
  3. Accommodations

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Product Description


Hoi An to Ha Noi motorbike hire is an valuable experience for those who love to level up the adventure skills in more exciting ways and break self-limits. This ultimate journey will brings you through the most famous routes of the central Viet Nam via Ho Chi Minh trail or Highway no.1. This is a rare opportunity to admire the spectacular landscapes of World heritages, visit the historical sites to learn more about Viet Nam history and stay in local villages to discover about unique culture in the country.




Day 1: Hoi An – Hue (140 km / 86 miles)

Pick up the motorbike at your hotel or our office in Hoi An. Then we will help you brief the itinerary, recommended accommodations and notes before going.

You will head to High way No.1 and start for Hoi An to Ha Noi motorbike hire. On the way, the thrilling motorbike ride through the beautiful Hai Van Pass is waiting for you. So far, this route has been becoming the most favorites for the adventurers. A quick stop on the top of the mountain, your mind will be blown away by the stunning views of Da Nang, Lang Co Bay, Hue lagoons.

Day 2: Visit Hue city

Hue city has been famous for the former capital of Vietnam from 1802-1945. It’s time for you to visit Hue citadel, royal tombs and Thien Mu pagoda. After that, what could be better to have lunch with Hue specilites and admire the romantic city at night in Perfume River.

Day 3: Hue – Dong Hoi (QuangBinh Province) (165 km / 102 miles)

Dong Hoi is the next destination to go in our trip of Motorbike Rental Hoi An to Ha Noi. After 2 hours driving, on the way, you will through Dong Ha city and it’s time to start exploring historical DMZ Viet Nam. This is one of the most fierce battle fields during Viet Nam War from 1954 to 1975. Vinh Moc tunnel, Ben Hai river, Khe Sanh and Truong Son cemetery are the most famous and intense places which you should not miss to visit. It’s time for you to know more about Viet Nam history and culture. Arrive at Dong Hoi and stay overnight there.

Day 4: Conquering  Phong Nha Caves (Quang Binh Province) (50 km / 31 miles)

Visiting Phong Nha Ke Bang national park is a valuable experience for those who love exploring natural masterpieces and mysterious things on Earth. There are 3 most famous caves that worth to visit: Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave and Dark Cave. PhongNha is the wet cave with sharp stalagmites forming from the top, multi-shapes stones and traces of ancient minorities who lived here long time ago. In Paradise-the longest dry cave in Asia, it’s time for trekking to enjoy the cool temperature inside. This cave is similar to PhongNha but for the massive stones and mysterious stalagmites. Last, marvelous Dark Cave is for those who love adventurous activities such as kayaking, swimming, zip lining and enjoying the unique mud-bath.

Finish the PhongNha trip, you go back to Dong Hoi and stay overnight.

Day 4: Dong Hoi – Ninh Binh (390 km / 242 miles)

Motorcycle from Hoi An to Ha Noicontinuing with the longest routes in the trip from Dong Hoi to NinhBinh. On the way, you will be driving by winding roads, tough passes for adventurous feel. After 8 hours, you get to NinhBinh, relax and take necessary things for the day trip in the province tomorrow.

Day 5: Explore Ninh Binh 

Ninh Binh tourism is well kown for Trang An complex, old Rocky Citadel in the old capital Hoa Lu, Bai Dinh temples, Phat Diem stone church, Tam Coc Bich Dong and so on. This place has chosen as the Hollywood filming sites for its spectacular views.

Day 6: NinhBinh – Ha Noi (91km / 56 miles)

This is the last route of Hoi An to Ha Noi motorbike rental. Driving for one an haft hours you’ll get to the capital. Then drop off the motorbikes in our office or your hotel in Ha Noi. End the trip!


Day 1: Hoi An – Prao (300 km / 186 miles)

Pick up the motorbikes in our office or your hotel in Hoi An. After briefing the itinerary and necessary information, you start to get to Prao district. Along the way you can visit My Son holly land This is a mountainous district of  Quang Nam province where ethnic minorities are living.

Day 2: Prao – Khe Sanh (300 km / 186 miles)

Continue the topgear trip by moving to the historical DMZ (Quang Tri Province). This was an old border of the North and South of Viet Nam during the Viet Nam War. Arrive at Khe Sanh, you’ll admire the famous Khe Sanh Base – the bloodiest battle of the war. Then driving by Dakrong Bridge and get to the Ko Tu minority villages. You stay overnight in Khe Sanh. End the first day of amazing Hoi An to Ha Noi motorbike hire trip.

Day 3: Khe Sanh- Phong Nha (200 km / 125 miles)

On the way, you have chance to cross winding roads at the top of the mountain, beautiful scenery at the vast green valleys. Here also have many memorial boards that built for the soldiers who have fall down in Viet Nam War. Then you get to PhongNha Be Bang National Park. Overnight in the Town and end the second day trip.

Day 3: Explore Phong Nha National Park

This day, you will start Hoi An to Ha Noi motorbike hire to visit Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park day trip by visiting stunning caves. Driving through the jungle and  trekking to discover the marvelous Paradise Cave. It is recognized as the longest dry cave in Asia with the length of more than 31km. Then take a boat trip along Son River to visit PhongNha Cave, on the way you have chance to see the local life and beautiful scenery of the Town.

In the afternoon, you should not miss to do Dark Cave to join in amazing mud-bath, water activities such as swimming, kayaking and zip-lining. Then back will enjoy the Vietnamese traditional foods for dinner and then overnight in the town

Day 4: Phong Nha -Vinh city (180km-112 miles)

Go on the journey by moving to Vinh city.  Go through the high mountains which 500m above sea level and get to the old Khe Cat Airbase. Then visit Dong Loc andthe old temples of a Vietnamese Kings. Head tothe old Ho Citadel and the Ho Chi Minh’s House. You’ll stay overnight at the in Vinh.

Day 5: Vinh- NinhB inh (180 kilometers / 112 miles)

Leave Vinh to get to NinhBinh for the destinations in Hoi An to Ha Noi motorbike rental. It’s a chance for you to escape the busy traffic and noisy urban life to the rural roads to the peaceful countryside. Arrive at NinhBinh, you will enjoy specialties and take a rest to ready for the day trip tomorrow.

Day 6: Visit Ninh Binh

Start the day of Hoi An to Ha Noi motorbike hire in Ninh Binh to come Trang An complex, old Rocky Citadel in the old capital Hoa Lu, Bai Dinh temples, Phat Diem stone church, Tam CocBich Dong and so on. You get back to the hotel and stay overnight.

Day 7: Ninh Binh – Ha Noi (100 km / 63 miles)

Keep moving in the last day Hoi An Ha Noi trip to the beautiful countryside roads from NinhBinh to Ha Noi. After driving for about 1 and half hour we will get to the city. You drop the bike off at our office in the center of Ha Noicity. End Hoi An Ha Noi motorbike rental.


This is a long trip with many days, so you need to be well prepared for the things of physical, mental and belongings:

  • You need to have a good health before doing the trip. Going through many kinds of weather, terrains will make you exhausted unless you’ll get sick.
  • Prepare a good mood for yourself.
  • Bring the necessary personal belongings, items for the tour such as: Sun screen, Sun glasses, hats, bikinis, trousers, towels, clothes, bags, snacks ect.
  • Don’t forget to take cameras, go pro, smart phones to get the best moment


Yamaha novou automatic 110 cc is one of the first automatic scooter appeared in Vietnam. This bike is not only the easiest to ride, suitable design to travel around Hue city areas like royal tombs, temples and the beach. With the engine 110 cc plus the cheapest price Yamaha novou 110 cc is always the first choice for tourist to travel to Hoi An or Da Nang.

Hue to hoi an motorbike tour

SEMIAUTOMATIC MOTORBIKES (Honda, Jupieter and Yamaha)

Semi-Automatic has the same power and price with Yamaha novou 110 cc. But these motorbikes are more stable and save more petrol. The bikes even work well in the off road and mountainous areas. However, the rider will find it hard with the gears in the first time.

Hue to hoi an motorbike tour


The 135cc motorbike is a new version of Yamaha has sporty and luxurious styles. This is not only powerful for almost type of roads in Vietnam, but also has a big size for anyone. Besides, Novou 135cc is quite easy to ride and work stably.

Hue to hoi an motorbike tour


Perhaps, the Honda 100 win is no longer strange to any bikers. This clutch motorbike has compact size, lightweight and comfortable posture. Thank to high chassis and durable engine, Honda win is extremely suitable for mountainous areas


Honda master or JM 125 is usually choose for Easy rider The 125cc motorbikes is an ideal choice for a safe and authentic adventure. Although the price is not too expensive, these bikes are powerful for any mountainous roads and especially for 2 people.



Suzuki GZ is designed to bring a classic styles to Customer.  High handlebars and low saddle togther with Long and high handlebars create comfortable sitting posture for riders. Two storage bins is a common style of adventurous motorbikes

Hue to hoi an motorbike tour


Yamaha XTZ 125 is a very impressive styling, with a 125cc engine block with a maximum power of 12.5 horsepower for comfort on all off-roads. Yamaha XTZ are the perfect motorbikes for every type of roads, size of people and purposes of travel. You will have an awesome trip time in Viet Nam when select these bikes to accompany.

Hue to hoi an motorbike tour


Honda XR 150 is a completely new face of off-road vehicles. The dirt bike looks more aggressive and sporty. Honda XR front fenders are high, the tank is designed neatly.

The “heart” of the Honda XR 150cc is a four-stroke engine, single-cylinder, air-cooled 149cc. It comes with a 5-speed transmission. Electric boot and pedal support. If you are a “Top Gear” fan, this monster will be one of the best options to accompany you.

Hue to hoi an motorbike tour