Admire the majestic beauty of nature on Hai Van Pass Viet Nam

Hai Van Pass Viet Nam is the natural border of Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang City.
The  length of the pass is 21 km crossing the high mountains of Truong Son Mountains passing to the East Sea. Hai Van Pass (Sea Pass) is considered as the most beautiful and dangerous pass in Vietnam with crooked routes and high mountainous terrains. The peak of the Pass is wonderful with the highest point at 496 meters above sea level. This is one of the most ideal destinations for those who are keen on discovering Hue attractions .

 Hai Van Pass Viet Nam- traces and history

Hai Van Pass Viet Nam was belongs to Cham Pa Kingdom in 13th century. It became a border divides the ancient provinces and countries. The Pass also witnessed many territorial disputes from the North and the South. Finally in Ho Dynasty (an old dynasty of history of Viet Nam) has win to take the Pass as a part of territory in 1402. In the Viet Nam war , just few of people crossing through the routes though a road connected two parts was built. They built many railways around as the main mean of transportations.


Railway in Hai Van Pass

Indeed, visitors can see many traces of ancient constructions when visit Hai Van Pass Viet Nam. Pass gates, bunker and citadels are the highlights. Especially, Hai Van Quan is the most famous construction which was rebuilt as the most important point for defense of Hue citadel. Also used for observing activities in Da Nang sea crab. The Pass was recognized as national heritage with such high cultural values in May 2017.  From then on it has been attracting many tourists to come and admire the beautiful Viet Nam.

Amazing scenery and special things of Hai Van Pass Viet Nam

Hai Van is a treasure not only of Thua Thien Hue Province but also of Viet Nam. Also they call as “the most beautiful landscape”, Hai Van Pass Viet Nam deserves as its name by the outstanding natural beauty. The long roads winding mountains and crossing clouds make things around mysterious. Also, the mountain rocks along roads connect with huge tree is obviously fabulous for adventurous trip to do. From the top in Hai Van Quan, you can easily admire the most beautiful landscapes of Hue such as: Bach Ma national park, Truot Lake, Lagoons, Lang Co beach and the other side is modern Da Nang city. For sure, the Pass is the monumental nature of the Creator gives to Viet Nam.

beautiful view of Hai Van Pass Việt Nam

beautiful view of Hai Van Pass Việt Nam

The Hai Van Pass crosses the country from the western border to the east coast which creates a distinctively different of climate, culture and people in the two regions.  You will see the rain in Thua Thien Hue province and just a few minutes it’s getting hot when you are in Da Nang. Hai Van Pass Viet Nam also plays an important role in transportation.

What are ideal tours to do Hai Van Pass Viet Nam?

The most comfortable vehicle for exploring Hai Van Pass is motorbike. If you are in Hue, It’s wonderful to get a motorbike from Hue scooter rental. With many types of motorbike and powerful, well-maintained ones will help you to have the best services using for the trip


amazing experience to do Hai Van pass

The most beautiful routes is through the countryside roads and driving by the villages, lagoons, rice field, beaches and adventurous Pass. So Hai Van Pass top gear (Hue Hoi An motorbike tour)is the top choice for you. Or Ho Chi Minh trail tour from Hue is a good idea for those who loves to discover the local life

Tips for tours to Hai Van Pass Viet Nam?

If you are hunting for the most beautiful pictures and looking for places for relaxing, go in summer. Hai Van Pass Viet Nam is extremely majestic and stunning under the sunshine and cool winds at the peak. Camera, Go Pro, swimming suits, sun glasses, sun screen are necessary things for the trip.

If you do the tour in the winter, it’s really a challenge to do the Hai Van Pass Tour and absolute a fantastic felling. This adventurous route is very convenient if you get the rider or tour guide who ensures to get memorable trip.

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