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Hue to Hoi An motobike rental (one way) Hue to Hoi An motobike rental (one way)
Hue to Hoi An motobike rental (one way) Hue to Hoi An motobike rental (one way)
Hue to Ha Noi motorbike Rental  (one way) Hue to Ha Noi motorbike Rental  (one way)
map png map png
yamaha FZ 150i yamaha FZ 150i

Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental


  1. Good motorbikes, hemets
  2. Rack and bungee cord
  3. Online map
  4. Luggage transfering to your next destination.
  5. English support 24/7


Product Description

Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental




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  • Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental
  • Reccommeded route of Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental
  • Things to note when doing Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental
  • Booking procedure of Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental

  • Do you have any plan for this summer or ideas for a significant trip in Viet Nam that help you explore plenty of things within several days? If you don’t yet, Hidden Land Travel would love to introduce the amazing journey of  Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental.
  • This 7 days journey is such an extremely suitable choice for your time in Viet Nam which offers to explore manjestic nature, unique customs and long history of the country. The trip will be through may landscapes of North Central and Central Viet Nam via Ho Chi Minh highway and Highway No.1. Hidden Land Team provides stable motorbikes, necessary recommendations, well multi-types motorbikes and 24/7 support for most convenient travel.
  • da-nang-to-ho-chi-minh-motorbike-rental


Day 1: Da Nang- Sa Huynh Town (Quang Ngai Province) (140 km / 186 miles)

  • Pick up the motorbike at your hotel or our office in Da Nang city. We will brief the itinerary of recommended routes, places and accommodations. Then you start Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike by heading to Highway No.1 to Quang Ngai. It’s a coastal province with blue sea, mountains, waterfalls and many famous history sites. You should not miss to visit Thien An mountain, My Son– the national historical monuments. Especially, My Son is the must-see which is considered as one of the most beautiful islands in Viet Nam. Link map

Day 2: Sa Huynh-Tuy Hoa city (Phu Yen Province) (245 km / 152 miles)

  • Continue Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike hire by riding to Tuy Hoa city. On the way, you have chance to admire Ky Co Beach which is considered as the second Maldives. It’s time to relaxing, swimming and having delicious sea foods to get the energy.
  • Amazing destination to go then is Ganh Da Dia (Cliff of Stony Plates) . Together with Ireland, Spain and Scotland, Ganh Da Dia in Phu Yen province is considered one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. The hexagon stones are stacked together into unique masterpieces. It was formed by volcano lava flowing into the sea millions years ago. Link Map

Day 3: Tuy Hoa- Nha Trang (170km / 105miles)

  • This route in Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh by motorbike brings you to the most adventurous feels up to the majestic Deo Ca Pass and through small lovely bays. This is an ideal time to take the best pictures of Viet Nam’s nature.
  • The highlight for the trip would be “Mui Doi” (Doi Cape)-the easternmost point of Vietnam. You have to climb rocks of different shapes to advance to a triangle metal stele. Coming to Nha Trang, it’s time for you to relax at one of the most beautiful cities in Viet Nam. Then stay overnight and ready for the next day trip. Link Map

Day 4: Nha Trang full day trip

  • It worths spending times to explore the beauty of Nha Trang coastal city. You have chance to visit churches, pagodas and Thap Ba Tower. Most importantly, you should not miss to go to islands and top beautiful beaches in the world here. Vinpearl Landis the ideal place which is considered as “Paradise” within Viet Nam. It has luxurious hotels, spas, resorts and adventurous activities.
  • More, oceanographic Institute Nha Trang is an interesting destination to go. This is considered a data repository on marine ecosystems. Tourists to Institute have a chance to admire the vivid and diverse images and ascertain the life of the sea creatures and marine ecosystem models. Link Map
  • The most beautiful roads in Viet Nam is waiting for you in Da Nang to Sai Gon motorbike rental trip. Almost the roads are parallel with coastal line, two sides around are winding white sand sites and blue sky above. Getting to Mui Ne, it’s time to have meals and stay overnight here. 

Day 5: Explore Mui Ne full day trip

  • Those who have visited Mui Ne gave the romantic words landscape: blue Sea, white sand, stunning sunshine. In fact, it’s compared to the “Elysium” in Viet Nam. First place to go for the day trip is Suoi Tien, a small streamfilled with romance and mystery. One side of Suoi Tien is covered by the red sand and white mountains. The other side is the coconut shady, the shrubs are luxuriant.
  • Next, Bau Trang (White sand dunes) surprises you because of the color changes from pure gold to pure white. It includes 3 lakes: Bau Ong (Gentleman Lake), Bau Ba (Lady Lake), BauXoai (Mango Lake). More, you would visit the yellow sand dunes which considered as small “Sahara” in Viet Nam. 

Day 6: Mui Ne-Sai Gon (290km/ 180 miles)

  • Ready for the last day trip of Da Nang to Hoi Chi Minh scooter rental. This route is also the longest compared to other in our itinerary. Arriving at Ho Chi Minh city, then drop the bike at our office. Ends Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike trip. Link Map


Day 1: Da Nang– Kham Duc (130km /80 miles)

  • Pick up the motorbike at your hotel or our office in Da Nang city. Then depart for Da Nang Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental trip. You head to Kham Duc via Ho Chi Minh Trail. This is a small mountainous town which is currently known for one thing: Gold. It’s time to explore the local market to learn more the rural life of the highlanders as well as other ethnic minorities and then stay overnight. Link Map

Day 2: Kham Duc to Kon Tum (180 km / 4,5 hours)

  • Leave Kham Duc, the next Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental trip is moving to Kon Tum. It lies in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam and shares borders with Laos and Cambodia. At here, you have chance to visit Kon Tum Prison, wooden church, orphanage. Especially the KonKtu village is where you see the Ede hill tribes Rong house. Then learn their traditional culture by the customs and daily life. Among the area’s landmarks, Roman Catholic wooden church and a large French-built seminary which hosts a small museum on local hill tribes are the highlight. French missionary presence in Kon Tum traces back to 1851. Then stay overnight and ready for the next day trip. Link Map

Day 3: Kon Tum – Buon Me Thuot (225 km / 139 miles)

  • Start day 3 of Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental by heading up to beautiful Buon Me Thuot city. Its located at a height of 536 m above sea level. Buon Me Thuot is the capital of Dak Lak Province and also the biggest city in the Central Highland. You will stay overnight here for the next day trip. Link Map

Day 4: Explore Buon Me Thuot (120 km / 74 miles)

  • First destination of the city tour will be Lak Lake – one of the largest natural freshwater lakes of Vietnam. At here, you should not miss to learn the daily life of locals around. Also admire the majestic beauty of mountains, forest and sky. Then ride elephant to explore the area or take boat around the lake to have some great shots of the sunrise. After that, trek to the top of the Elephant Rock mountain to enjoy the stunning view of the area.Then back to the city and stay overnight. 

Day 5: Buon Me Thuot – Da Lat (210 km / 125 miles)

  • Leave Buon Me Thuot, after drving for 5 hours you will get to Da Lat – city of Love. It’s located in Lang Biang highland an has become one of the most favorite travel destinations of Viet Nam. Getting here, you should not miss to visit Dalat Railway Station which was designed by French architects Moncet and Reveron. Also, Xuan Huong lake, Lang Biang Mountain, valley of love are ideal choices for those who love romance, peace and amazing atmosphere. It’s wonderful to get an overnight in the city, relax for the day of Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental trip ahead.

Day 6: DaLat – Mui Ne (150 km /93 miles)

  • Mui Ne will be the next destination of the trip. Coming here, what could be better to admire Thay Thim temple, Takou mountain, colorful fishing market. Moreover, you have chance to learn more about the Champa history and culture when you visit their old towers. Especially, it’s a perfect way to end a hot day trip in Mui Ne beach and then stay overnight. Link Map

Day 7: Mui Ne – Ho Chi Minh city (200 km / 124 miles)

  • Leave Mui Ne, you are going to do the last day trip of Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental. It will take 7 hours to get to Sai Gon. On the way, visit Lagi and the historic vestige Dinh Mountain.
  • Arrive at Sai Gon, you drop off the motorbike at the hotel or our office in the city. End Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike trip. Link Map

  1. Before and after the journey, you have to ensure that all parts of your motorbike are in normal operating conditions such as brakes, tires, chainsaws, lights, horns, turn signal and speedometer.
  2. Remember to fill up the petrol for the motorbike. You don’t need to worry about he type of gasoline to use because the petrol station staff will automatically fill the suitable one for the motorbike.
  1. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproof backpacks, coats, raincoats, locks, rubber bands, full battery, smartphone connect 3G, some motorbike repairing tools and most importantly is money .
  2. Obey the vietnam trafic rules:
  • Wearing helmet, driving on the right side and limited speed of 60 km/h
  • Do not cross the red traffic light, using horns anytime you need, drive with two hands,
  • Do not take photos when driving
  • Turn the lights on when getting inside tunnels.
  • Do not drink alcohol before and during the drive.
  1. Be confident with traffic in Viet Nam. Try to guess other’s turning direction by their body language.
  2. Drive slowly in order to look out for animals, children, old people, alcoholics, drugs, off-size vehicles.
  3. Keep a safe distance of big trucks when getting uphills or climbing mountain passes.
  4. When police stop you, the easiest way to escape is “TIP” them 10 – 20 usd and then go.
  5. Do not repair the bike without permission of rental company. You need to contact them then be instructed.
  6. Below is normal bike reparing costs for Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental.
  • On this moment: 1 euro is 24.000 VMD and 1 dollar is 22.000 VMD
  • Repair flat tire 10,000 / 30,000
  • Relace new tire: 80.000 – 120.000
  • Replace Electric Stator 200.000 / 300.000
  • Oil change 90,000 – 120,000
  • Fix front and backlight 50.000
  • Stoplight switch 20.000
  • New bungeecords 20,000 – 40,000
  • New chain and sprockets 250,000
  • New Relaybox 20,000
  • Chain tightened up 10,000
  • New inner tube 80.000
  • Spark plug lead 50.000

1. View our motorbikes list and prices table

2. Contact us for any questions or advice via:

  • Chat right in this webiste
  • Whatsapp: +84 348421282

3. Choose your suitable motorbike and fill in the booking form or provides us below information: 

  • Your name and ways to contact you.
  • Type and number of bike you want to hire 
  • When and where you would like to pick up the bike
  • Where and when you would like to return the bike.

4. Hidden Land Travel will confirm the total price and your reservation

  • At the apointment, you will come to our office to check and take the bike
  • Both parties will read and sign in the motorbike hiring contract
  • You will pay the renting fee for our staff and give staff deposit (luggages)
  • We will take and send the luggage to next destination (if you request)
  • You will return the bike at our office and get back your luggages if have
  • Finish Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental


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