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Da Nang to Ha Noi motorbike rental Da Nang to Ha Noi motorbike rental
Motorbike rental Saigon Motorbike rental Saigon
hanoi-to-saigon-motorbike hanoi-to-saigon-motorbike
Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike rental Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike rental
Hoi An to Hue motorbike rental (6) Hoi An to Hue motorbike rental (6)
Hoi An to Hue motorbike rental (2) Hoi An to Hue motorbike rental (2)
yamaha FZ 150i yamaha FZ 150i

Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike rental


  1. Good condition motorbike, hemets and side racks
  2. Pick up and drop off the bike & Bags at our office
  3. Best advice and suport in English 24/7
  4. Free sending 1 luggage to the next destination.
  5. Extra 10 usd for the next one
  6. Having detailed contract and instruction in English


Product Description

  • Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike rental
  • Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike route
  • Things to note when doing Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike trip
  • How to book the trip

Northern and Southern Vietnam are plentiful area with hidden stunning landscapes and spectacualr route attracting adventurers to discover. Let’s take Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike rental trip -the ultimate experience bringing you a chance to admire world heritages of Phong Nha, Hue Hoi An or break your limits by going through majestic mountain passes. It is for sure one of the best feel when travel around Vietnam.


Click HERE to see the detail map


Day 1: Hanoi to Ninh Binh (100 km/62 miles)

  • Pick up the motorbike at your hotel or our office in Ha Noi capital city.
  • We make a contract, give you the necessary information of recommended itinerary, accommodation and destinations to go on the way. Start Hanoi Hoi An motorbike rental.
  • You leave the city soon to advoid the crazy traffic starting from 8:00am.
  • You will head to High way No.1 riding to the South. The road to Ninh Binh is quite easy to ride. It just takes 2 hours and you’ll arrive at Ninh Binh city

road from Hanoi to Ninh Binh

Day 2: Visit Ninh Binh 

  • Ninh Binh is now famous for Trang An complex, old Rocky Citadel in the old capital Hoa Lu, Bai Dinh temples, Phat Diem stone church, Tam Coc Bich Dong and so on. In fact, this is two of most favorite destinations in Viet Nam besides Hoi An old town. There are smimilar mysterirous caves to Phong Nha ke Bang as well.
  • From Ninh Binh, you should take Highway No1 to get to Vinh city of Nghe An province. It would be still quite easy road but long time to do with picturesque scenery of mountains and forest on the way. You arrive at Vinh city of Nghe An province, then have dinner and stay overnight here.

Amazing Ninh Binh

Day 3: Vinh to Dong Hoi (201 km/124 miles)

  • Dong Hoi city – a beautiful coastal city is the next destination of Hanoi to Hoian motorbike trip visit Vung Chua- Salanganes Island. It’s a clean beach with white sand stretched, surrounded by the green of thousands of plants. 
  • Arriving at Dong Hoi city in the afternoon, it’s time for you to check in the hotel and right after that head to Nhat Le Beach to relax and enjoy seafood. 
  • Dong Hoi by night is amazing with the colorful bridges and cool river surround. Closeby the city center you can easily find out some entertaining center for shopping, relaxing and playing games.

Day 5: Explore Phong Nha Caves (200 km / 125 miles)

  • This day of Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike trip brings you to the “Kingdom of Caves” of world heritage Phong Nha Ke Bang national park. From Dong Hoi to Phong Nha is just 40 km. Therefore, you can start the trip early in the morning and follow Ho Chi Minh highway to get there. There are 3 caves to discover within 1 day:
  • Phong Nha Cave – the wet cave is the first one to go. If you love relaxing, watching the views inside and around, this is the one for you. You will have 30 minutes on a boat to get to the entrance and see the local life along the river bank.
  • Paradise Cave This is the most mysterious cave with total length of 31,5 km. The highlights are mysterious stalagmites and cool atmosphere inside.
  • Dark Cave is the one. Coming here you have chance to do the longgest zip-line in Viet Nam. Also, the unique mud-bath is awesome that you will never experience somewhere else in Phong Nha Ke Bang. Then let’s take some activities such as: small zip-line, kayaking and swimming.

mysterious caves in Phong Nha

Day 6: Dong Hoi to Hue (181 km/112 miles)

  • From Dong Hoi, you take Highway No1 and Highway No49B todrive along coastal road from east Quang Binh to Hue city.
  • On the way, you have chance to visit historical sites of DMZ in Quang Tri Province such as Vinh Moc Tunnels, Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River.
  • Follow highway No49B and straight up to Hue city.

Vinh Moc Tunnels

Day 6: Hue city excursion

  • Hue city – the old capital is well known for the royal monuments, holy sites and romantic natural landsapes. This is the chance for you to know more about history of Viet Nam. The highlghts are the Citadel, Royal Tombs, Thien Mu temple, Thuy Tien Water Park, Tam Giang Lagoon.

romantic Hue city

Day 6: Hue to Hoi An top gear motorbike (150 km/93 miles)

  • The second day of Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike tripyou will pass through the most beautiful coastalline areas in Viet Nam. In the morning, driving for 1 hour then you will get to Elephant Spring. This is the ideal time for you to get relaxed by immersing in the cool water of the forest stream. Also, this is where to have lunch and take a rest for the next routes to Hoi An.
  • After lunch, you are going to enjoy the most adventurous feeling with Hai Van top gear route. This is where we could look down from the top to view the splendid beauties of Lang Co beachHue lagoons and the ocean.
  • Coming to Da Nang, the Marble Mountain is the reccommended destination for you to see the marvelous caves and explore the mysterious holy land.
  • Get to Hoi An, drop off the bikes at your stay or our office in the town. End Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike rental trip.

Hai Van Pass

  1. Before and after doing Hanoi to Hoi An motorcycle journey, you have to ensure that all parts of your motorbike are in normal operating conditions such as brakes, tires, chainsaws, lights, horns, turn signal and speedometer.
  2. Remember to fill up the petrol for the motorbike. You don’t need to worry about he type of gasoline to use because the petrol station staff will automatically fill the suitable one for the motorbike.
  1. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproof backpacks, coats, raincoats, locks, rubber bands, full battery, smartphone connect 3G, some motorbike repairing tools and most importantly is money .
  2. Obey the vietnam trafic rules:
  • Wearing helmet, driving on the right side and limited speed of 60 km/h
  • Do not cross the red traffic light, using horns anytime you need, drive with two hands,
  • Do not take photos when driving
  • Turn the lights on when getting inside tunnels.
  • Do not drink alcohol before and during the drive.
  1. Be confident with traffic in Viet Nam. Try to guess other’s turning direction by their body language.
  2. Drive slowly in order to look out for animals, children, old people, alcoholics, drugs, off-size vehicles.
  3. Keep a safe distance of big trucks when getting uphills or climbing mountain passes of Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike hire.
  4. When police stop you, the easiest way to escape is “TIP” them 10 – 20 usd and then go.
  5. Do not repair the bike without permission of rental company. You need to contact them then be instructed.
  6. Below is normal costs for a motorbike repair in Vietnam:
  • On this moment: 1 euro is 24.000 VMD and 1 dollar is 22.000 VMD
  • Repair flat tire 10,000 / 30,000
  • Relace new tire: 80.000 – 120.000
  • Replace Electric Stator 200.000 / 300.000
  • Oil change 90,000 – 120,000
  • Fix front and backlight 50.000
  • Stoplight switch 20.000
  • New bungeecords 20,000 – 40,000
  • Chain and sprockets 250,000
  • New Relaybox 20,000
  • Chain tightened up 10,000
  • New inner tube 80.000
  • Spark plug lead 50.000

1. View our motorbikes list and prices table

2. Contact us for any questions or advice via:

  • Whatsapp: +84 348421282
  • Email: Hiddenlantravel@gmail.com
  • 3. Choose your suitable motorbike and fill in the booking form or provides us below information:
  • Your name and ways to contact you.
  • Type and number of bike you want to hire for Hanoi to Hoi An motorbike trip.
  • When and where you would like to pick up the bike
  • Where and when you would like to return the bike.
  • 4. Hidden Land Travel will confirm the total price and your reservation
    • At the appointment, you will come to our office to check and pick of the bike
    • Both parties will read and sign in the motorbike hiring contract
    • You will pay the renting fee for our staff and give staff deposit (luggages or  Passport or money depend on the bikes)
    • We will take and send the luggage to next destination (if you request)
    • When finish, please come to our office to return the bikes, and collect your bags and deposit