The Golden Bridge Danang – a stunning walkway within Ba Na Hill

Recently, Da Nang city has just opened a new unique architecure for tourist called The Golden Bridge – a perfect selfie site in Thien Thai Garden which belongs with Ba Na Hill. Obviously, this is the one of the most notable constructions in Da Nang and it also gives something brand new beside famous Marble Mountains, Monkey Mountain and My Khe beach. If you haven’t ever heard about this strange destination, this post will help you out to discover how insane and stunning of The golden Bridge Danang.

Where is The Golden Bridge Danang and what does it look like?

The Golden Bridge is located in Thien Thai Garden of Sun World Ba Na Hills and is 1,414m above sea level. The bridge is connected to the Marseille and Bordeaux stations to take tourist from the foot of the mountain or the French village to visit the flower garden.

the golden bridge danang

Over look of the golden bridge danang

Over all, Cau Vang (Gold Bridge) is a long golden walkway lifted and embraced by the giant hands. According to TA Landscape Architecture – the design firm of Golden Bridge – the image represents the hands of the God of Mountain, helping the villages to get to Thien Thai garden. Defitenly an outstanding architecture to the world!

The Golden Bridge – some impressive information

  1. Impressive numbers

150 meter: the length of The Golden bridge

8 : There are 8 spans in Cau Vang, the longest one is 21.2 meter

the golden bridge danang

23.8: The walkway floor has the height of 23.8 meter from the ground and 12.8m wide, with a diameter of fingers about 2 meter.

10: months for building the bridge, from July 2017 to April2018

     2. Being famous in a short time.

There are many magazines, tv shows and others media have said about this unique bridge as a recognition to its beauty. This also helps spread its fame to not only domestic but also foreign tourist. For instance:

  • In July 2018, this new architecture work has become the special cat-walk runway of many super models in the fashion show “Walking on the clouds”. The images of supermodel Thanh Hang or Miss Vietnam H’Hen Niê walking on the silk-soft bridge in a fairy tale landscape of Ba Na indeed drive fans crazy. The Golden Bridge and sceneries of Ba Na Hills have been the inspiration of many fashion designers at the event.
the golden bridge danang

Fashion show on walkway floor of the Golden Bridge Da Nang

  • The appearance of the Golden bridge on the reputable architecture website Archdaily and other international newspapers have once confirmed the uniqueness of the works in Sun World Ba Na Hills. This not only contributes to the development of Danang tourism, but also reconfirms the name of Vietnam on world tourism map, from unique tourism products like Golden Bridge!

Spectacular view when standing on The Golden Bridge Danang

Taking a selfie picture at Golden Bridge, it seems like you are wandering in nowwhere or simply called “fairy land”. From the height of the Golden Bridge, you can take a fullness of Da Nang city. So, another name of the Golden Bridge is “the terrace of Da Nang”!

In Cau Vang, if you have a flycam, for sure, is the best thing to have here! It’s a a great blend of impressive architecture, large space with clear blue sky. Just take a look and you are probably overwhelmed!

the golden bridge danang

Amazing view, isn’t it?

Also, the atmosphere isquite cool because of the typical temperature of mountainous Vietnam from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius.

How to get to the Golden Bridge Danang?

The Golden Bridge is 40km away from Da Nang city center and 75km from ancient Hoi An Town. As a result, visitors have many choices of vehicles to move here including taxi, motorbike, car open bus or private tour.

If you are from Hoi An, click the image to see the map:

the golden bridge danang

The way to the golden bridge danang from Hoi An

or if you are in Da Nang city center, click the image to see the map:

the golden bridge danang

The way to the golden bridge from Da Nang city center

However, our recommend will bemotorcycles for traveling. This is the most popular type because of its comfort and economical. With reasonable price 6-7 USD per day from Da Nang motorbike rental or Hoi An motorbike rental, tourists can admire the scenery, take pictures along the way and discover the beautiful tourist spots such as Hoi An/Da Nang monkey moutain motorbike, My Khe Beach and so on.

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