Monkey Mountain- beautiful wild life inside Da Nang City

Perhaps for anyone who ever been to Da Nang would be extremely impressive with the beautiful nature of such one of the modernest city. Among those, Monkey Mountain, a seaside mountains with high biodiversity is attracting thousands of tourist per year. They all come here for the desire of exploring wild life, enjoying local culture and hunting for gorgeous scenery. Hue scooter rental, with an aim to accompany with you in every routes, would love to give you the best information and notes for exploring this awesome place.

Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain

General information to know about Monkey Mountain

The most interesting thing is perhaps the unique name of the Mountain. Or if you ever guess there are alot of monkey living in the area, then you got the point! In fact, in the intense US-Viet Nam War, Monkey mountain Da Nang was served as a military base which used for radar and communications, and some of the radar domes are still visible. American soldiers who stationed nearby gave it the nickname Monkey Mountain after seeing the troops of red-faced monkeys that dwell in the jungle-covered cliffs.

red-faced monkey in Monkey Mountain

Red-faced Monkey

Overall, Monkey Mountain belongs to Son Tra district which is 10 km from central Da Nang city. Also, it is just about 50 km from Hoi An ancient town and 110 km from Hue Vietnam. Standing at 696 metre (2,283-feet) above sea level peak of the Son Tra Peninsula is truly the most awesome feel to experience!

What to see when visiting Monkey Mountain?

Coming to Monkey Mountain Viet Nam, there are many interesting things await you.

  1. Linh Ung Temple

This is one of the most travel destinations in Da Nang city. This is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists in Vietnam. You will have chance to admire the 67-metre (220-feet) statue of the Goddess of Mercy which is standing on a lotus-shaped platform. Then venture inside the structure to see the 21 Buddha statues on each of its floors. At night, the towering monument is illuminated. Every year, this holy place attracts thousands of tourist especially domestic ones who come here to pray.

statue of the Goddess of Mercy Monkey Mountain

Statue of the Goddess of Mercy

      2. Watching the wildlife and admiring the spectacular nature

Let’s take a trekking, looking for the red-faced monkeys by hiking along trails. It’s crooked and winding mountainous roads with hovering clouds. On the way, observing the Red-shanked Douc Langur in their natural habitat is the highlight of the eco-wildlife. Also, other animal species in Son Tra’s forests are wild boars, deer, reptiles and silver pheasants.
You may also see two radar domes. They belonged to the American military during the Vietnam War and are now operated by the Vietnamese military. There is also a helicopter pad, which used for the US army to furnish its ground troops with supplies.

Standing on the top of Mon key Mountain always give visitors a hard-to-express feel. It’s when you are really immerse in nature, free your soul and mind. More, there are many stunning beaches here, the most beautiful one is Bai Bac Beach. Why dont you try to visit to one of these sandy stretches after trekking to sunbathe and swim. Experienced divers will enjoy scuba diving among the corals off the peninsula’s coastline.

Recommendations for doing Monkey Mountain trip

Monkey Mountain

Ready for conquering Monkey Mountain

Good location makes Monkey Mountain convinient for tourist to have chance to get here. In fact, there are many ways you can choose for the trip. If you are in Da Nang, hiring a scooter in Da nang motorbike rental is the fastest, cheapest vehicles. Or you need a tour guide? Hoi An motorbike tour is the best choice you can find. With our local guide who are well-trained, good English, enthusiastic, they would not let you down. Let’s do it now.