Marble Mountain Viet Nam- symbol of Da nang city

If you have chance to visit Da Nang, what a pity to miss amazing Marble Mountain Viet Nam. It’s a gift of Creator gives to the city and built by skillful hands of people. Obviously a beautiful scenic mountainous system in the heart of Da Nang in general and foreigners in particular. Marble Mountain not only has marvelous natural beauty but also has may holy constructions. Hue scooter rental would love to accompany with you exploring every exciting thing await in this significant trip.

Marble Mountain Viet Nam

Marble Mountain Viet Nam


Location of Marble Mountain Viet Nam

Marble Mountian Viet Nam lies in the southeast of coastal city Da Nang, 8km from the central of city. Nearby the mountains is the white sandy beach of Hoa Khe village, Ngu Hanh Son district.  It is a group of five marble and limestone mountains, named after the five elements of the ancient oriental philosophy: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

On March 22, 1990, Marble Mountain Da Nang was recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a National Historical and Cultural Monument.

What to see in Marble Mountain Viet Nam?

These mountains have a complicated system of caves and tunnels which used as a shelter and important bases for the soldiers and people during fierce Viet Nam war. Coming here, you have chance to admire both natural and cultural beauties that hardly see where else:

  1. Mysterious caves:  There are many caves Marble Mountain Viet Nam, but the most famous ones are  Huyen Khong, Am Phu and Thien Phuoc (Thuy Son).  If you want to explore all then you will spend few days. Although these caves are not massive, they are really scare in mystical beauty.The most beautiful cave to mention is the Huyen Khong Cave on Thuy Son Mountain. Climbing up this cave you will experience the cool feeling of winds and fresh air which come from the sea. The most scaring cave must be Am Phu Cave(Cave of hell). This is the largest and most mysterious of Marble Mountain.
Marble Mountain Viet Nam statues

Statues in Marble Mountain Viet Nam

  1. Holy constructions: The interesting thing is that there are many temples on the mountains.  In the top of Kim Son Mountian is the pagoda of the Bodhisattva. Also, There are Linh Son pagoda and Huyen Vi cave, Pho Da Son pagoda and caves. Among those, Linh Ung is the famous one with the highest Bodhisattva statue in Viet Nam. Tam Thai temple on Thuy Son mountain is the highlight of all destinations. The monarchs of Minh Mang and the Nguyen dynasty had once visited this place and built the Dan An National Bridge. Over time, the pagoda was damaged and devastated by war and natural disasters which was repeatedly restored.

Interesting things to get when visit Marble Mountain Viet Nam

At the foot of Marble Mountain Viet Nam is a famous Non Nuoc handicraft village. It’s a traditional village – an impressive tourist destination of Da Nang and the central Viet Nam.
Products of the Non Nuoc stone village are sculptures with the characteristic features such as Buddha statues, animal statues,  a lot of stone bracelets color, sophisticated carving, meticulous. It’s worth for shopping to get souvenirs.

Marble Mountain Viet Nam

Non Nuoc Village

Recommendations for travel to Marble Mountain Viet Nam

Indeed, Marble Mountain Viet Nam is located in such a perfect area which tourist can get there by many ways. Reasonable Da Nang motorbike rental is the most convenient way after driving a scooter for about 20 minutes. Or if you are in Hoi An, the best tour to do is Hoi An Hue motorbike tours where you can visit many other famous places. You are in Hue? It’s doesn’t matter at all because we will accompany with you in breathtaking Hue to Hoi An top gear tour