An interesting day trip to marvelous Dark Cave Phong Nha

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park– top travel destination in Viet Nam has been attracting visitors around the world for the incredible caves and its biodiversity. Among those, one of the must-see places for those who ever come here is the marvelous Dark Cave Phong Nha. It is not simply a natural cave which brings amazing scences and cool feel. Visiting here, you have chance to experience the double zipline, adventurous water games, kayaking over the Chay river and the unique Mud bath inside the cave take tourists to every single surprise. Hidden Land Travel would love to show you the neccesary information, services and advices to plan a trip to Dark Cave. Surely an experiencing gift of the Creator gives await you!

Dark Cave Phong Nha

Dark Cave

Location of Dark Cave Phong Nha

Dark Cave Phong Nha is located in the core area of Phong Nha Ke Bang national park which is in Bo Trach District, Quang Binh province.It’s about 50 km for 2 hours driving to the northwest of Dong Hoi city. The location is nearby the highway that leads to other caves, really convenient for traveling.
This, as a result, there are many ways to get to Dark Cave, the most common way is by a nice scooter of Phong Nha motorbike rental.Especially, with the support of professional tour guide, we would love to give you the best time exploring not only Dark Cave but also other fantastic caves in Phong Nha Caves system.

Dark Cave Phong Nha – truly a special name

Dark Cave Phong Nha was first discovered in 1990 by a local man and soon later published as a tourist destination just recent years. The Cave’s size surprise tourists with the length of 5,258m, width of 50 m, height of 80m and two separated entrances in front and back.Unlike other caves which are decorated by colorful artificial lights, there is nothing tourists can see but darkness.Therefore, before getting to the cave, visitors must take a helmet with flashlight to get inside.That’s the main reason why people call it “Dark Cave”.

Dark Cave Phong Nha

Exploring Dark Cave

Amazing structures and the unique of Dark Cave Phong Nha

Forming million years ago in a limestone area, Dark Cave Phong Nha is same as Paradise Cave in terms of various beautiful stalagmites and massive underground stones. Exploring deep inside, crossing the small lakes and slippery paths gives tourist such an adventurous emotion while discovering the marvelous castle.
Dark Cave Phong Nha is also a home of many animal such as: bats, fishes, swallow and Vooc languor on the primate species in Vietnam’s Red List.Visitors are able to see the fossils of the acient animals like : fishes and seashells when the cave was still covered by seawater million years ago.

What interesting activities to do in Dark Cave Phong Nha?

Dark Cave Phong Nha is the most interesting cave comparing to others in Phong Nha Caves Viet Nam system. In fact, So many entertaining things you can do here:
From the conservative station to Chay River, you are going to have the experience of taking zipline which is the longest one in Viet Nam with 400 meter to the entrance.
Aslo, a shorter double zipline is ready for you to get to the middle of Chay river. At here, should not miss jumping down from a high point and immersing in the cool water.
2.Taking the mud bath.

Amazing mud bath
Going deep inside Dark Cave for more than 1km, visitors will experience the mud bath which is good for your health especially the skin. This is the unique thing that available in Dark Cave to enjoy. It’s truly an interesting activity to give you an honor shape like “ghost”.

Dark Cave Phong Nha

Experience unique Mud-bath

3.Kayaking and swimming.

Kayak to the entrance of Dark Cave Phong Nha is also a good choice for travelers. Drifting along the river is a good way to explore the nature.Beside, immersing in cool blue water to feel the river which  gives tourists an unforgetable time with others.

Which tours to do for  Dark Cave Phong Nha trip?

1.The normal tour.

It is unnecessary for travelers to book the tickets in advance.You can get there and buy a ticket in tourist office and then follow the guidance of Dark Cave’s staffs.
After finishing the conquering, Dark Cave’s restaurant is await for the tasty local foods.Tourist can also choose the drink which have a warm rice wine inside. There are many types of food which is suitable for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.You should bring along the gopro, swimming suit and towels.Aslo, all the unnecessary things is not allowed to bring to inside the cave.

2. 6 km path into the dark cave tour

Dark Cave Phong Nha

6km tour in Dark Cave

This is a special and unique tour of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang Tourism Center. The tourists will start trekking at km 18, West Ho Chi Minh trail, and then through the jungle. Following by swim in E Cave, and going through the Sky Gate as well as wading the muddy underground river. Through the narrow gap between rocks, the stream is what they will experience. Finally, they reach the campsite.

How to get to Dark Cave Phong Nha?

Dark Cave Phong Nha is on the way of world heritages and historical sites in the central Viet Nam such as: Hoi An ancient Town, Hue imperial city, old battle DMZ. Hue to Ha Noi motorbike rental is the most ideal choice for you so that you have chance to spend 1 day in Phong Nha and free to explore the caves. Travelling by scooter give you the unique and comfortable way to entirely enjoy the trip. Let’s do Dark cave Phong Nha trip right now!