Hoi An Town

Hoi An Town is a lovely little town in the Heritage Roads at the central of Viet Nam. The Town played an important role in term of trading port and transportation. In fact, in the past many people from around the world came here such as: Japanese, Chinese, Dutch and Indian merchants lived and did the business here. As a result, they left the Town many legacies of historic buildings, colonial architecture and a lovely waterfront. Nowadays the Ancient Town Hoi An is a living museum and recognized as one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites which has been always becoming the top attractions of Viet Nam.

Natural conditions Hoi An Town

We can willingly admit that Hoi An Town is one of the most favorite destinations for tourist in terms of natural conditions. Because of special locations in the central of Viet Nam, the Town’s weather has the features of tropical climate. It is truly warm during the year and divided into two main seasons which namely wet and dry seasons. The daily temperature rises beyond 70o F reaching mid 60o F especially during the nighttime. Indeed, Hoi An is worth for a travel where you will be never afraid of bad weather!


Hoi An old Town lantern

Hoi An old Town

Interesting cultural features of Hoi An old Town

Since being borned centuries ago, Hoi An Town has been through many period of times.It witnessed huge change of both Viet Nam and people from around the world. In fact, the features blow may make you excited and admired about such an ancient Town:

  1. Unique architecture.

 Tourists can see a series of old-architectured lanes and houses with deeply plain roofs, old furniture in their cristine past arrangement etc. Hoi An is fortunate to be a cultural crossroads of the Cham culture in the first Southern expansion of Dai Viet . Also the Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Indian), and the Western ones who did their trading here in the 16th century. 

Indeed, if visitors walk on Hoi An Town streets, many colors of walls look magical and dreaming such a stunning picture. We have to admit that to find out such unique through many period of times which really hard even round the world.This is considered to a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle.

  1. Festivals

For those who ever come to Hoi An, please should not miss some of the great festivals that take place here. Among those is Full Moon Festival which hold on the 14th of every lunar month. The night before the festival takes place, Hoi An old Town becomes more and more bustling than usual. All things around are decorated with colorful lights and lamps the streets and ven house, river.

Another festival that you can join in is the Mid-Autumn Festival – which hold on the 14th of the August lunar month. It’s considered as the most enchanting and special one of Hoi An. Also, they demonstrated many colorful hanging clothes and paper lanterns. A sparkling, romantic and mysterious view open, stimulating anybody’s curiosity and eye feed!.

Specilities of Hoi An Town

Like local food that famous in Hue attractions, in each course of Hoi An town’s cuisinethere is the cooperation of Yin and Yang. It’s the five elements, full of flavors, color and taste. These are the list Hoi An culinary that travelers can not miss when join in interesting tours in Hoi An such as: Banh Mi(bread), Cao Lau, Chicken Rice, Corn sweet soup, Quang noodle, Hoang Thanh, Bao cake.

What to do and where to go in Hoi An Town?

Amazing places that you can visit if you come to Hoi An Town:

  1. Chua Bridge ( Japanese Bridge ). Chua Bridge has been considering as the main symbol of Hoi An old Town. Its the constructions that have many unique designs and the patterns decoration . They are the amazing mix of Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Western architecture styles.

  2. The historical and cultural museum. It is a very important part that attract tourists and help them discover more about a real Viet Nam. The Museum includes more than 200 the original and documentary artifacts which regarded as a reflections of every single period of time in Hoi An.Worth a pride of not only Hoi An but also Viet Nam.

  3. Tan Ky old house. People always feel excited with such a distinct structure of the House. In fact, it deserves as an example of a 18th century merchant’s residence. It was also used for trade whereas visitors have the chance to exchange the goods

  4. Arts and crafts store.

Good time and amazing tour to explore Hoi An Town

February to April is the ideal time to visit Hoi an as the weather is good for traveling. Especially, 14th in the lunar calendar is the recommendations of time for you. In this time you can admire the colorful lantern which showed every spaces of Hoi An Town.