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hoi-an-hue-motorbike-tour hoi-an-hue-motorbike-tour

Hoi An Hue motorbike tours


  1. Delivering motorbikes at anytime and anywhere
  2. Sending luggages to the next destination for free
  3. Leaving the motorbikes at almost parts of Vietnam
  4. Having own machenic shop for maintaining every day
  5. Various type of motorbike for diffrent selections.
  6. Responsible and enthusiatic team of hidden land travel
  7. Having detailed contract and instruction in English
  8. Troubles support at anytime and anywhere
  9. Responsibilities to local communities


  1. Petrol
  2. Meal
  3. Accommodation

Product Description


Attractions: Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach, Dragon Bridge, Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay, Elephant Waterfall, Tam Giang Lagoon,Vinh Hien estuary, Thanh Toan Tiled Bridge.

There is no doubt that Hoi An and Hue are one the most attractive cities the world. In fact, with Hoi An Hue Motorbike Tour, you will join in a real journey to visit the most awesome landscapes. In a powerful motorbike – the most popular and favorite vehicle of travelers. Surely you can visit beautiful beaches, stunning bridges, majestic Pass road. Also famous Vietnamese cultural sites await you to achieve.


7:00 am: Pick up at your hotel and then start Hoi An Hue motorbike tour. Our tour guide willingly introduce you some notes for the trip: what to do, where to go and necessary information including Vietnamese words.

7:30 am: We get to the first destination of Hoi An motorbike tour: The Marble Mountain. After driving for 40 minutes to the North, you will be explored this holy land. The Marble Mountain is actually a group of five mountains named after five elements of the ancient oriental philosophy: Metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Here also attracts tourist with mysterious, marvelous pagodas and temples which are the holy places of Vietnamese people. Moreover, the Mountains were used at hospital and base of Viet Cong during Viet Nam war. The massive stones with colorful shapes also make you excited when visiting.

9:00 am: Arrive in stunning My Khe beach– one of the most beautiful beaches in the world to have a short break before keep movingHoi An motorbike tour. Then go along coastal road, through ThuanPhuoc Bridge and get to Top gear mountainous roads of Hai Van. From the crooked roads of flanks, hovering clouds to an extremely exciting feel of natural beauty.  Surely you will get a valuable time in the central of Viet Nam.

12:00 am: Have lunch in Lang Co beach a beach in spectacular Lang Co bay– one of 7 most beautiful bays in the world. If you feel tired after a long way driving, this is the ideal place for recharging during the Hoi An to Hue motorbike tour. Local foods with oyster soup, sea foods are awaiting for a perfect meal.

12:30 pm: We head to Elephant Spring- a convenient rest stop for travelers of Hoi An motorbike tour. It’s a natural lake with 30m2 of area that locates between waterfalls which rise from a forest. Interestingly, the origin of the name is from a large stone of elephant shape. You can immerse into the cool fresh water in swimming sites or even take a sunshine time. Also, with Hoi An to Hue top gear motorbike tour, this is an ideal place for hunting for best photos.

2:00 pm: Continue Hoi An to Hue motorcycle tour to the adventurous routes to Vinh Hien Brigde. Surely you will have chance to admire the biggest lagoon in Southern Asia, or see the living of locals.  Especailly, the scenery here is extremely for those who love natural beauty and wild coastal area.

3:30 pm: We move to the final destination to ancient Thanh Toan Tiled Roof Bridge. The bridge was built in 1776 by locals with an aim for transferring and for relaxing as a cultural site. Our tour guide will let you know some information about the local market, agricultural museum and history of Thanh Toan Bridge. Surely a good pace for you to save the photos about Vietnamese ancient life and culture.

4:00 pm: Arrive in Hue- city of ghost and drop off at your hotel. Then end Hoi An Hue motorbike tour.

What to prepare for Hoi An Hue motorbike tour?

  • Small bag with personal belongings.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses.
  • Camera, Gopro, Phones.
  • Towel, bikini, trousers.


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To book the tour, please give us info below via whatsapp or Email:

  • Date and timeyou want to the tour
  • Adress you stay that you want us to pick and drop off
  • Number of people you have
  • Anyone would like to ride solo?
  • If yes: How many people ride automatic bike and semiautomatic bikes?

* After getting all info above, we will confirm the total price and everything

  • Yamaha novou LX 135cc
  • Honda win manual 115 cc
  • Yamaha XTZ manual 125cc
  • Honda XR, Suzuki En, Kawasaki manual 150cc
  • Honda CRF, Degree, XR, Kawasaki KLX 250cc
  • Specification of 650cc motorbikes

Semi-Automatic motorbikes are more stable and save more petrol. The bikes even work well in the off road and mountainous areas. However, the rider will find it hard with the gears in the first time.

hue to ha noi motorbike rental

The 135cc motorbike is a new version of Yamaha has sporty and luxurious styles. This is not only powerful for almost type of roads in Vietnam, but also has a big size for anyone. Besides, Novou 135cc is quite easy to ride and work stably.

phong nha to ha hoi motorbike rental

Perhaps, the Honda 100 win is no longer strange to any bikers. This clutch motorbike has compact size, lightweight and comfortable posture. Thank to high chassis and durable engine, Honda win is extremely suitable for mountainous areas

phong nha to ha hoi motorbike rental

Yamaha XTZ 125cc with a 125cc engine block with a maximum power of 12.5 horsepower for comfort on all off-roads. This is the perfect motorbike for every type of roads, size of people and purposes of travel. You will have an awesome trip time in Viet Nam when select these bikes to accompany.

phong nha to ha hoi motorbike rental

Manual motorbike 150cc is a completely new face of off-road vehicles. The dirt bike looks more aggressive and sporty. The Bike’s front fenders are high, the tank is designed neatly. Especially, if you are a “Top Gear” fan, this monster will be one of the best options to accompany you.

phong nha to ha hoi motorbike rental