Lang Co Bay-worth the most beautiful bay in the world

Situated on the coastal central of Viet Nam with many famous beaches, Lang Co Bay is one of the most famous bays in the world. A few years ago, Lang Co Bay was just a visitor quick stop on Hue – Da Nang route because of the lack of accommodation facilities and services. However, in recent years, the Bay is considered a promising destination for those who love sea and nature. This is a convenient geographical location between the three World Cultural Heritage Conservation Centers: Hue Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Holy Land. Hue scooter rental would love to give you informations, advices and best services to do this amazing trip!

Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay

Location of Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is located in the north of Da Nang city and 70 km to the south of Hue city. This is the ideal location for those who love adventurous routes when doing Hue to Hoi An motorbike tour. It doesn’t take much time to get to the Bay due to the location is nearby Highway no.1.

The recognition of Lang Co Bay- the most beautiful bay in the world

Lang Co Bay is recognized as the top world’s beautiful bays. On June 6, 2009, the People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue province has received an award of “Lang Co -the most beautiful Bay” which is voted by the world’s most beautiful bays club (Worldbays). Along with the lagoons and beautiful beaches of the province are focused investment, upgrading and development, Lang Co Bay is considered the breakthrough of marine tourism with the specific objectives. Construction of tourism such as resorts of regional and international level, entertaining centers.

The interesting activities to do in Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is the most attractive tourist destination of Hue. As a result, the infrastructure for the needs of tourist is fully provided. There are many hotels, motels, resorts for you to choose for relaxing, entertaining and sports. Lang Co Bay Viet Nam is a natural gift for beautiful beaches, white sand stretching, mountain forests. As a result, visitors to Lang Co are invited to participate in interesting activities such as fishing, scuba diving, hiking and exploring through the forest.
Lang Co is far from the center of Hue so the spaces here is really quiet . In the evening, it’s time for you to walk along the sand sites to enjoy the cool winds. It’s really comfortable when release your soul into nature!

Lang Co Bay

Fishing in Lang Co Bay

Fascinating landscapes to see when visiting Lang Co Bay

Besides the main tourist attraction is Lang Co Bay, you can visit other spectacular destinations around which are extremely fantastic:
1. Lap An Lagoon
Taking a walk on the mountainous road along Lap An lagoon, the sides surrounding you will be very poetic which help you get amazing memories. It’s time for you to hunt stunning pictures of things around such as: sky, blue water, local activities and villages.
2. Bach Ma National Park
Bach Ma national Park is about 30 km in the west of Lang Co which is famous for its cool climate. At here, you should not miss to visit Ngu Ho waterfall, Do Quyen waterfall, conquering Bach Ma peak, Vong Hai Dai (from here, admire the panorama of Chan May and Cau Hai lagoon).

Lang Co Bay

Bach Ma national park

3. Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass Viet Nam is the ideal stop for motorbiker and tourist. In fact, standing on the top, you can have the spectacular views of the whole scenery of Hue attractions.


Enjoying seafood at Lang Co Bay

Initially, it is a tiny fishing village where a great deal of farmers living on fishing work, feeding the sea animals and tourism service reside in.

Lang Co Bay

Oyster- the must-try seafood of Lang Co Bay

Moreover, marvelous Lang Co Beach is the perfect combination of the brackish and salt water. Thus it is the land of various seafood like coral reef, shrimps, lobster, crab, oysters or mackerel fish. In particular, the oyster is the specialty that nature brings to the fishing farmer here.

Best time to visit Lang Co Bay

The most ideal time to visit Lang Co Bay is from April to July. It’s when the weather in the central Viet Nam is extremely hot and dry. Absolutely amazing when you immer your body in cool and fresh beaches here. In contrast, after August to November  is rainy season, the sky is cloudy and not green as usual. Also, the storms, flood and strong winds may cause dangers when travelling.

What is the best way to do Lang Co Bay trip?

The location of Lang Co Bay is perfect which near the highway and many amazing destinations around. Therefore, the best vehicle to get here by motorbike. In fact, you will have your own free time and plans. Hue scooter rental provides the best motorbikes which are safe, powerful, well-maintained and stable. If you want a local guide or tour guide, Hue to Hoi An motorbike tour is the best choice for you. So, keep calm and take a trip to Lang Co bay!