Top 5 must-eat Hoi An local food

Hoi An ancient town is a small destiantion but its culinary culture is extremely rich. Therefore, even if you have to visit the whole old town, you can hardly enjoy all the specialties here. Hue scooter rental today would love to review the most famous dishes that have made the brand “Hoi An local food” and marked again to use whenever you have the opportunity to get to Hoi An – the would heritage.


  1. Hoi An Chicken Rice.

The first one in the list of Hoi An local food is Hoi An chiken rice. The rice to make is delicious, aromatic and flexible. It is carefully selected, seasoned, cooked with chicken broth and pineapple leaves in the wood stove. The type of chicken is still silk, meat is soft but not firm, firm but not thin. After boiling, the chicken is torn with onion, salt and pepper. Finally, they put the rice and chicken on the plate and then eat with onion, papaya, Tra Que aromatic vegetables. Therefore, with all the meticulous dexterity in their processing, the Hoi An locals have created a very special chicken rice, bearing the mark of the landscape.

Hoi An local food

Where to eat: 

  • Ba Buoi chicken rice
    Address: 22 Phan Chu Trinh, Minh An, Hoi An
  • Ty Chicken rice
    Address: 23 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An City

      2. Cau Lau

Cao Lau is the unique food associated with the ancient town of Hoi An. At the first sight you would probably think it looks like noodles, but it doesn’t. Many people think that this dish is original from China, but overseas Chinese do not recognize it. The Japanese say it is like their udon noodles but different in taste and processing.
Cao Lau is surprisingly unique! It is not like Pho, the iconic dish of Vietnam, or Bun Bo, the famous dish of Hue, the neighbor city. The dish is actually a mixture of salad, noodle, and toppings. The special feature of Cao Lau is its noodle. They can only make this noodle in Hoi An. It is because of the legend that only water from Ba Le well, a one-hundred-year-old well in Hoi An to knead the dough can make good noodle. Besides noodle, fresh green from gardens in Hoi An is also a plus. Toppings include well-marinated pork, peanuts, and bean sprouts making this Hoi An delicacy hard to resist, not to mention the authentic sauce which only the most experienced chef in Hoi An can make. All of these factors make Cao Lau one of the best Hoi An street food.

Hoi An local food

Where to eat: 

  • Cao Lau Trung Bac
    Address: Address: 87 Tran Phu, Hoi An City
  • Thanh Cao Lau
    Address: 26 Thai Phien Street, Hoi An City

     3. Banh Mi Hoi An (bread)

Being considered as “Best sandwich in the world” – Hoi An Banh Mi is kind of street food that most visitors wat to try most among Hoi An local food. It can be admited that Banh Mi is presented for those who need simple, fast and convenient food with meticulous process.

Although Banh Mi is a snack, but it requires a meticulous process, with many different stages. Then take a loaf of bread with all the ingredients inside, you probably know about how the Hoi An people make bread and enjoy it. If one of the insects is missing, the loaf will lose its flavor.

Bread is always hot, ensuring the brittle but not too hard of the crust and the softness, toughness of the powder inside. Instead of using cold meat as in other places, the highlight of Hoi An bread is the spicy. An important part with the fleshy meat contributes to the unique scent of Hoi An bread that is pate. The process of pate processing is also very wonderful. There are also picking hand avocados from chicken eggs and golden oily, fatty and melted oils. It will not make you feel bored.

Hoi An local food

Where to eat: 

 Banh Mi Phuong
Address: Hoang Dieu Street, Hoi An City

Banh My madam Khanh
Address: 115 Tran Cao Van, Hoi An

     4. Quang Noddle.

Mì Quảng (also spelled mỳ Quảng), (literally: Quảng style noodle) is a Vietnamese noodle dish that originated from Quảng Nam Province in central Vietnam. In the region, it is one of the most popular and nationally recognized food items, and served on various occasions such as at family parties, death anniversaries, and Tet holiday. Mì Quảng is available in many restaurants around the country with other Hoi An local food

Hoi An local food

Where to eat: 

Ba Minh Restaurant
Address: Cam Ha area, Hoi An city

Ong Hai Quang noogle
Map: 6A Truong Minh Luong 

Vy’s Market 
Map: 03 Nguyen Hoang street, Hoi An 

5. Hoi An Seafoods

Hoi An has been famous for seafoods such as shrimp, crap, squid, Oyster and fish. All the seafoods is fresh as it bought in the same day.

Where to eat:
A Roi restaurant:
Map Cua Dai, Hoi An

6. Rolled rice cake with grilled pork

The last one of top Hoi An top streer food will be rolled rice cake with grilled pork. It is one of must-eat street food when coming to Hoi An. You can see this food along the street in the ancient Town.
This dish is very elaborate, the raw material is fresh pork, which must be the shoulder type meat. Seasoning to marinate meat is quite picky: white wine, pepper, lemongrass, onion, honey, five. Therefore, when you go to charcoal grill, the smell of meat fragrant that attract anyone who passing by.

Hoi An local food

Recommeded places to eat rolled rice cake with grilled pork:

Along the roads of Hai Ba Trung – Tran Hung Dao crossroads in Hoi An Town.

Hoi An dishes are also attractive which makes people impressive when traveling. If you are a “soul-eating” and want to enjoy all the dishes throughout Vietnam, why don’t you go to this ancient city to try all the specialities? By enjoying the foods before and after mtorobike rental in Hoi An or Hoi An Monkey mountain motorbike tour, that would be probably awesome to travel around this world heritage.