Vinh Moc Tunnel

Vinh Moc Tunnel is one of the attractions of the famous DMZ route and a popular stop for many domestic and foreign visitors, especially veterans of the United States. They came to admire this unique masterpiece which is a symbol of the sacrifices and brave fights for the independence of Viet Nam. Almost of them are extremely admirable with people’s will and desire. Let’s take a day trip with Hue scooter rental to admire and know more about Viet nam history and culture. Also, this is a chance to give the sympathy for those who have sacrificed and to understand how terrible the war was upon the country.

Vinh Moc Tunnel

Vinh Moc Tunnel

Where is Vinh Moc tunnel?

Vinh Moc is a complex tunnels in Quảng Trị, Vietnam. It’s 43 miles for driving from Hue city and 130 miles from ancient Hoi An town. During the Vietnam War it was the strategic border of North Vietnam and South Vietnam. They used Vinh Moc tunnels  for sheltering people from the intense bombing of Son Trung and Son Ha communes in Vinh Linh county of Quang Tri Province in the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone.

Vinh Moc Tunnel

Map of Vinh Moc

History of Vinh Moc tunnel

In 1965, the US created the Gulf of Tonkin incident to start a destructive war to the North Vietnam by air power, which Vinh Linh became the leading raiding target. During the years 1965 – 1972, Vinh Linh constantly bombed with a total of over half a million tons of bombs. In average, each person here has suffered 7 tons of US bombs.

In the years of fighting for the fierce war, Vinh Moc tunnel was a “fire coordinates”. It was the targets for destroying the enemy, air-raid bombers and artillery fire from the fleet at sea. However, due to the tough battlefield because of human strength and the will of the locals and soldiers,they have made it through the difficult time and successfully finished the construction.

The work was built at the beginning of 1965 and completed on 18 January 1966.

The unique structure of Vinh Moc tunnel

The tunnel soil is a clay, allowing easy hands digging of the tunnels. As a consequence,  air caused the clay to harden, making the walls extremely strong.

Vinh Moc Tunnel

The structure of Vinh Moc tunnels

The tunnel system consists of three levels:

The first one is 12 m deep and the second one is 15 m from the ground. They were used as food storage and weaponry. The last and deepest level is 23 m from the ground which was used to avoid bombs. The whole of the system has 13 entrances, including 7 gates to the sea, 6 gates to the hills, each tunnel is considered as a vent.

How was the people’s life in Vinh Moc Tunnel?

The tunnel as a miniature of a village which was the underground construction at the depths of 10-23m with a length of more than 1.7 km. The complex system is formed in the red basalt soil area. The deeper you go inside, the more you feel cool which is completely different from outside . You will have chance to see the commander’s cellars, rooms, wells, guard stations, kitchens, restrooms . Surprisingly, there were 17 children borned inside the tunnels which brings the emotional feel when visiting here.

Vinh Moc Tunnel

The life inside tunnels

It also shows that nothing of the past we can forget in the years of battle which sacrificed and hardship . On the journey to the landmark today tat visitors can feel every single breath of how hard and tough conditions.

How to get to Vinh Moc Tunnel?

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