Minh Mang Tomb-the harmonious combination of nature and architecture

Minh Mang is the second King of Nguyen Dynasty-the last Feudal dynasty in Viet Nam. His grave in tomb of Minh Mang Viet Nam  (Hieu tomb) is located 12km in the West of Hue city, on the bank of  romantic Perfume River. Minh Mang Tomb is the representative for the harmonious combination of nature and architecture. Hue scooter rental would like to give you the best information, guides and services to visit this wonderful destination.

Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb-the history and basic information

The Minh Mang Tomb Hue was built by his successor and son Thieu Tri during the years 1840 to 1843. Actually, Minh Mang has been considering the location and designing his imperial tomb complex during 14 years. Unfortunately, he was sick and died then early in the year of 1841 while the Tombs was in building. Then his son Thieu Tri continued to complete the tomb base on his father’s desire. The construction was finally finished in 1843 with the help of 10,000 people including workers and artists. Minh Mang Tomb has an area of 18 hectares surrounded by a wall enclosing inside palaces, temples and pavilions.

What to see in Ming Mang Tomb?

The tomb of Minh Mang is without doubt the best harmony of natural beauty and architectural complexes. It is said that the tomb is halfway between Imperial Tomb of Tu Duc and Imperial Tomb of Khai Dinh.

Visiting Minh Mang tomb, tourists have chance to admire a lot of beautiful monuments. The first one to visit is new Moon Lake. It is a stunning Lake with full of flowers of Lotus, crossed by a stone bridge that makes the scenery more romantic and mysterious. In addition, The constructions inside Tomb of Minh Mang are symmetric. Looking down from the above, the Tomb is similar to the King’s body shape.

Minh Mang Tomb

Lake in Minh Mang Tomb

Other attractive things to see is Hong Mon gate, Sung An temple, Minh Lau pavilion and Khai Trach mountain. Especially, visitors can admire beautiful royal garden while learning about the history through ancient building.

The central courtyard, also called patio for ceremonies, is decorated by rows of stone statues, representing the mandarins, soldiers and elephants.

What is the best way to visit Minh Mang Tomb?

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