Haunting feel when visiting Ho Thuy tien Water Park

The Ho Thuy Tien water park ecotourism (Hue city) has been invested billions dong for many years but now the project is stopped. Surprisingly in recent days, this park has become famous than ever before due to be posted as an article on HuffingtonPost magazine for it’s horror. Together with Hue scooter rental, let’s see what are the mysterious things that make people so curious and also explore the hidden charm part of Hue ancient city Viet Nam.



Ho Thuy Tien Water Park

Location of Ho Thuy Tien water park

Ho Thuy Tien Water park lies away from the center of Hue city about 10 km to the southwest. It’s located on the hill of Thien An, a beautiful mountainous area along Perfume River. From  so long, Thuy Tien lake  has become an ideal destination for people and tourists who ever come to Hue city. To promote tourism, provide the needs of tourists as well as create jobs for local people, Thua Thien Hue authorities has decided to make an entertaining area with total of 49.9. It includes many items such as  water park, boat on the lake, water music stage, restaurant.

In fact, in 2004 Thuy Tien Water Park was opened and used to be a senior entertainment center. But till 2011, just a short time after, the park was degraded because of the ineffective business. Therefore, it was abandoned and planed for alternative project.


Experience haunting feel of scenery of Ho Thuy Tien Water Park

The pictures of amusement park, rooms of virtual world , water park, boat on the lake, water music stage, restaurant …All these things give you an scary feel which only found in Holywood horror.

In fact, you will have chance to experience the most distinctive feature of the water park: Dragon shape structure. It is located in the middle of Thien An Lake with impressive sculptures now covered with moss and faint breeze.

Ho Thuy Tien Water park

Dragon shape

More,  the magnificent stand with 2,500-seat is now filled with rows of weeds . However, this is an ideal place for many young people who choose to hunt for amazing and mysterious picture. Also, this is the ideal stop on the way visiting Hue tombs, in such an amazing area.

Ho Thuy Tien Water park

An abandone stand

Especially, Ho Thien An Water Park is a perfect picnic location which used for camping. With the high pine tree along both sides and romantic natural beauty,  Thien An hill is the best choice where is considered as “the second Da Lat in Viet Nam”.

Ho Thuy Tien Water park

Camping site in Thien An Hill

Although the park is abandoned but it costs 10,000 VND for entrance fee if you want to get deep inside.

Recommendations for visiting to Ho Thuy Tien Water Park

Because of the perfect location, it just takes you 30 minutes for driving for the city center. Therefore, hiring a motorbike from Hue Scooter rental is the best choice for you. It’s strong, well-maintained and easy to use to discover many other places. Or let’s join us in Hue motorbike countryside tour visit to all most famous place of Hue city including Ho Thuy Tien Water Park.



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