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Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire
Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire Hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-hire
Hoi-an-to-Ha-Noi-motorbike-hire Hoi-an-to-Ha-Noi-motorbike-hire
hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental-honda-xr-250cc hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental-honda-xr-250cc
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hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental
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hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental
hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental (3) hoi-an-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental (3)
HONDA XR 650cc HONDA XR 650cc
hue-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental-honda-xr-250cc-suzuki-dr-650cc hue-to-ha-noi-motorbike-rental-honda-xr-250cc-suzuki-dr-650cc

One way Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental (one way)


  1. Good condition motorbike, hemets and side racks
  2. Delivering motorbikes to your hotel.
  3. Free sending luggages to the next destination.
  4. Leaving the motorbikes at almost parts of Vietnam
  5. Good condition motorbike and helmets.
  6. Having detailed contract and instruction in English


  1. Petrol & Meal
  2. Accommodation


  • 01 Passport / 600 usd / bike

Note: Hiring at least  8 days

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Product Description


8 days trip from Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental is an enjoyable experience as all necessary services are focus on giving travelers the spirits of riding and freedom to discover the hidden charms of Vietnam. Those feels are hardlysee when you travel by other vehicles like “open tour buses”, train or private car.

In fact, you have chance to ride through the countryside of Vietnam, rugged mountains and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Also, this is a good time to broaden knowledge about the unique cultures of the different ethnic minority groups in the country.  Hue scooter rental would love to give you the best services, information and support, it’s our honor to accompany with you in every single route.


  • Day 1: Hue –Prao (150 km/ 90 miles)
  • Day 2: Prao - Kham Duc (111 km / 66 miles)
  • Day 3: Kham Duc to Kon Tum (180 km / 112 miles)
  • Day 4: Kon Tum – Buon Me Thuot (225 km / 140 miles)
  • Day 5: Explore Buon Me Thuot (120 km / 75 miles)
  • Day 6: Buon Me Thuot - Da Lat (210 km / 126 miles)
  • Day 7: Da Lat - Mui Ne (150 km /90 miles)
  • Day 8: Mui Ne - Ho Chi Minh (200 km / 129 miles)

Pick up the motorbike at your hotel or our office in Hue city. At first, we would love to brief the itinerary of recommended routes, places and accommodations. You start Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental by heading to Ho Chi Minh trail to get to Brao Town. It’s a mountainous district of Quang Nam Province, with an area of about 80 ha and 43,000 of Co Tu ethnic minority people living. Link Map


Leave Brao then depart for Kham Duc, a small mountainous town on Ho Chi Minh trail. It’s time to explore the local market to learn more the rural life of the highlanders as well as other ethnic minorities and then stay overnight. Link map


Leave Kham Duc, you continue rent motorbike Hue to Co Chi Minh trip by moving to Kon Tum. It lies in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam and shares borders with Laos and Cambodia. At here, you have chance to visit  Kon Tum Prison, wooden church, orphanage. Especially the Kon Ktu village is where you see the Ede hill tribes Rong house. Then learn their traditional culture by the customs and daily life. Then stay overnight and ready for the next day trip. Link Map


Start day 3 of Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental by heading up to beautiful Buon Me Thuot city. Its located at a height of 536 m above sea level. Buon Me Thuot is the capital of Dak Lak Province and also the biggest city in Tay Nguyen. You will stay overnight here and ready the next day trip. Link Map

Hue-to Sai Gon motorbike rental

First destination of the city tour will be Lak Lake-one of the largest natural freshwater lakes of Vietnam. At here, you should not misss to learn the daily life of locals around. Also admire the majestic beauty of mountains, forest and sky. Then ride elephant to explore the area or take boat around the lake to have some great shots of the sunrise. After that, trek to the top of the Elephant Rock mountain to enjoy the stunning view of the area.

Heading to Dray Sap fall to immerse your body into the “Fairy Pool” next to waterfall and relax after a long day oftraveling. Then back to the city and stay overnight. Link Map

Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental

Leave Buon Me Thuot, after drving for 5 hours you will get to Da Lat – city of Love. It’s located in Lang Biang highland an has become one of the most favorite travel destinations of Viet Nam. Especially, you should not miss to visit Dalat Railway Station which was designed by French architects Moncet and Reveron. Also, Huong lake, Lang Biang Mountain, valley of love are ideal choices for those who love romance, peace and amazing atmostphere. It’s wonderful to get an overnight in the city, relax for the days trip ahead. Link Map

Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental

Mui Ne will be the next destination trip in Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental trip. Coming here, what could be better to admire Thay Thim temple, Takou mountain, colorful fishing market. Moreover, you have chance to learn more about the Champa history and culture when you visit their old towers. Especially, it’s a perfect way to end a hot day trip in Mui Ne beach and then stay overnight. Link Map

Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental

Leave Mui Ne, you are going to do the last day trip of Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental. It will take 8 hours to get to Sai Gon. On the way, visit Lagi and the historic vestige Dinh Mountain.

Arrive at Sai Gon, you drop off the motorbike at the hotel or our office in the city. End Hue to Sai Gon motorbike rental. Link Map



  • AUTOMATIC MOTORBIKES 110cc - 125cc
  • MUANUAL MOTORBIKES 115 - 150cc

The 135cc motorbike is a new version of Yamaha has sporty and luxurious styles. This is not only powerful for almost type of roads in Vietnam, but also has a big size for anyone. Besides, Novou 135cc is quite easy to ride and work stably.


Semi-Automatic motorbikes are more stable and save more petrol. The bikes even work well in the off road and mountainous areas. However, the rider will find it hard with the gears in the first time.


Perhaps, the Honda 100 win is no longer strange to any bikers. This clutch motorbike has compact size, lightweight and comfortable posture. Thank to high chassis and durable engine, Honda win is extremely suitable for mountainous areas


Yamaha XTZ 125 is a very impressive styling, with a 125cc engine block with a maximum power of 12.5 horsepower for comfort on all off-roads. This is the perfect motorbike for every type of roads, size of people and purposes of travel. You will have an awesome trip time in Viet Nam when select these bikes to accompany.


Manual motorbike 150cc is a completely new face of off-road vehicles. The dirt bike looks more aggressive and sporty. The Bike’s front fenders are high, the tank is designed neatly. Especially, if you are a “Top Gear” fan, this monster will be one of the best options to accompany you.

MUANUAL 250cc MOTORBIKES is best known for its durability in even the most treacherous of trails. This bike packs enough horse power and has the ability to steer through even the toughest places you might dare to ride in Vietnam. Recommended for those looking for an off-the-beaten-track adventure, this ride has been a popular selection among riders throughout Southeast Asia since it was first introduced.

MUANUAL MOTORBIKES 650cc is one of the most powerful bikes you can ride in Vietnam. No mater off roads or bad weather , those bikes still work well in any condition.This bike is not for the feint hearted. Packing a lot of power, and a high riding position this is not suitable for those with little experience. When driven economically, with a large tank this bike is able to carry the rider far and wide across the nation. Being quite a heavy machine, this is not the most optimal choice for off-roading, however with the right rider it can suffice.






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