Ancient Thuy Bieu village- Hue scooter rental

Inspite of locating in the middle of Hue city, Thuy Bieu village has the views of a peaceful Viet Nam countryside with tea gardens and Ruong houses which are hundreds of years old. For sure, this is the most ideal destinations for those who have ever come to Hue and get away from the urban life.


Thuy Bieu Village

Thuy Bieu village Hue is on upstream bank of romantic Perfume River and about 4 km to south-west city’s center . It’s now preserving many ancient and unique architectural works, including the Temple of Elephant, Ho Quyen Arena. Also visiting here you have chance to enjoy delicious and unique local foods.

What to see and do in Thuy Bieu Village?

Thuy Bieu eco village will bring you the most comfortable, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery which is alike to Hoi An countryside. More, let’s admire the ancient architectural works and architectures to know more the history here. In addition, you should not miss to experience the traditional craft villages and enjoy specilities.

  1. Beautiful scenery of Thuy Bieu village

Because of locating on the bank of Perfume River and many small hills, Thuy Bieu village impressive tourist at the very first sights. You can see a lot of tree lines and rice fields along the roads when doing Hue motorbike tours. It blows your mind away by the comfortable atmosphere, clean air and romantic views. Especially, standing at Vong Canh you can see Hon Chen Temple, Thien Mu Pagoda and Trang Tien Bridge.


       2. Visiting Thuy Bieu village ancient sites

First place to go is the unique construction that King of Nguyen Dynasty has built.  Ho Quyen Arena is considered as a real Colosseum-Roman arena within Hue city. The arena was built in 1830 with an aim for the entertainment of the Emperors, the royal family and mandarins.


Beautiful scenery of Thuy Bieu Village

More, you should not miss to visit Luong Quan temple. This is a representative village hall construction that worshiping the Tutelary and ancestors who have found and lived here hundreds years ago. Then, admire the interesting Ruong House. It is kind of apartment house in Thuy Bieu village Hue and also represents as the typical architecture of hundreds year old city’s system.

       3. Experience the works of craft villages and enjoy local dishes

The interesting crafts that you can take park in to are making sesame candy, painting family. These are the traditional works of Thuy Bieu Village and famous for not only Hue city but also round Viet Nam. You can make the products yourself under the guide of locals.


Ruong House

Then, what could be better to have lunch with local family with famous local foods and experience Hue cooking class. Especially, Thanh Tra is famous fruit in the village of Thuy Bieu. It is always a fresh, cool, delicious, nutritious and extremely safe for your health due to not using chemicals.


Hue Cooking Class

Not only a cooling fruit that everyone loves, Thanh Tra is also used for making some special foods which just have in this village such as salad, jam and Nem Chua.

Best way to visit Thuy Bieu village

It just take your 20 minutes to drive to Thuy Bieu Village with convenient Hue motorbike rental. This is the best way for you so that you can have free time, flexibility in itinerary and our support. Hue scooter rental would love to give you the best services and cheap, powerful and stable motorbike. We wish you will get a memorable trip around Hue city and have a best time in our beautiful country!