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hanoi-to-saigon-motorbike hanoi-to-saigon-motorbike
hanoi-to-saigon-motorbike hanoi-to-saigon-motorbike
saigon-to-phongnha-motorbike-rental saigon-to-phongnha-motorbike-rental

Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental


  1. Good condition motorbike, hemets and side racks
  2. Pick up and drop off at our office
  3. Free sending luggages to the next destination.
  4. Leaving the motorbikes at almost parts of Vietnam
  5. Having detailed contract and instruction in English


Petrol meal & Accommodation


  • 01 Passport for all bike
  • Or from 100 usd to 500 usd

Note: Hiring  > 6 days: Free ship
Note: Hiring < 7 days: Extra 60 usd for shipping fee 

Product Description

Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental to Hue

  • Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental overview
  • Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental route
  • Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental notes
  • Booking procedure of Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental

Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental is one of the most popular long-distance road trips in Vietnam. There are many fantastic routes between these two destinations. Thanks to new coast roads and small back-roads, you can now ride from Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An along the beautiful coastalk road on generally quiet and scenic roads. At the right time of year, this coastal route is a highly satisfying, salty, sunny, sandy, scenic, and feel-good ride.

Hue Scooter Rental provides good services included well-maintained motorbikes, protctive gears, good helmets and necessary detailed tourist information included support in English 24/7, detailed recommeded itinerary, maps.

ho chi minh to hoi an motorbiek rental

Overview map of Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh city – Loc An, Ba Ria (120 km/ 74 miles)

You pick up the motorbikes at our office or your hotel in Ho Chi Minh city. Start the journey of Sai Gon to Hoi An motorbike rental. You should start at 4-5 pm to get out of crazy traffic in Sai Gon. The hightlights of this day trip would be: Dong Nai River bank, silhouettes of Phu My Bridge, Municipal Beach, Mộ Cô pagoda

  • Having lunch at: Ba Ria
  • Having dinner at: Long Hai or Loc An

Day 2: Loc An – Mui Ne ( 150km/93 miles)

The coastal road continue by the long way from Loc An to Mui Ne. The most beautiful sites of this day will be River Ray, beach zones of Ho Tram and Ho Coc, Ven Ven beach(a great spot for lunch), Binh Chau Hot Springs, Lagi, Ta Cu Mountain, Ke Ga hamlet, famous for its lighthoue, Rock Water Bay, Mui Ne.

  • End day 2 of Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike hire trip in Mui Ne.

Day 3: Mui Ne – Phan Rang(124 km/77 miles)

The cliffs of stone of Dragon’s Graveyard is the hightlight which is a system of cliff stones. Other fascinating destination would be: Sơn Hai fishing village, Mũi Dinh Promontory, Ca Na beach. The new road clings to the cliff-side; the sea is the colour of amethyst, and the sandy, rocky, cacti-studded headland.

  • Ends day 3 of Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental in Phan Rang city.

Day 4: Phan Rang – Nha Trang( 99 km/61 miles)

Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorcycle rental continues with the day trip to Nha Trang city. The best destinations and tourist sites are on Nui Chua coastal Road. The stunning sites you have chanc e to see would be Nui Chua Peninsular, Vinh Hy Bay, Cam Ranh Bay,  island of Binh Hung.

  • Stay at night in Nha Trang, the city is extremely beautiful at night. It worth to ride around and enjoy.

Day 5: Nha Trang – Quy Nhon( 205km/127 miles)

This route is in a particularly beguiling part of south-central Vietnam, where an eastward spur of the Truong Son Mountains meets the ocean, providing an imposing backdrop to the beaches in this area. It’s definitely an outstanding route for Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental.

  • The hightlights will be: Co Ma Pass, Van Phong Bay, Diep Son island, Mui Dinh, Hon Ghenh, Dam Mon fishing village, Ghenh Da Dia (cliff of stones)

Day 6: Quy Nhon – Quang Ngai (185 km/114 miles)

Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental of day 6 bring you to the Cham towers scattered throughout southern Binh Dinh and Ham Ho in Quy Nhon. Don’t forget to enjoy the specialties here. Come to Quang Ngai, visit the hometown of Vê – Tra river. Then you can visit Duc Pho or Sa Huynh to know the salt fields, but this season is less salt then.

Day 7: Quang Ngai – Hoi An (130 km/80 miles)

On the way to Hoi An, you can stop at Binh Son Beach, Khe Hai Beach and An bang Beach in Hoi An. You get to Hoi An in 4pm. Then drop off the bikes in our office or your hotel in the town. Then enjoy local food Hoi An is an awesome idea for you.

  • Sucessfully finish 7 days of Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental.

  1. Before and after the journey, you have to ensure that all parts of your motorbike are in normal operating conditions such as brakes, tires, chainsaws, lights, horns, turn signal and speedometer.
  2. Remember to fill up the petrol for the motorbike. You don’t need to worry about he type of gasoline to use because the petrol station staff will automatically fill the suitable one for the motorbike.
  3. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproof backpacks, coats, raincoats, locks, rubber bands, full battery, smartphone connect 3G, some motorbike repairing tools and most importantly is money .
  4. Obey the vietnam trafic rules on the way Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An motorbike rental.
  • Wearing helmet, driving on the right side and limited speed of 60 km/h
  • Do not cross the red traffic light, using horns anytime you need, drive with two hands,
  • Do not take photos when driving
  • Turn the lights on when getting inside tunnels.
  • Do not drink alcohol before and during the drive.
  1. Be confident with traffic in Viet Nam. Try to guess other’s turning direction by their body language.
  2. Drive slowly in order to look out for animals, children, old people, alcoholics, drugs, off-size vehicles.
  3. Keep a safe distance of big trucks when getting uphills or climbing mountain passes.
  4. When police stop you, the easiest way to escape is “TIP” them 10 – 20 usd and then go.
  5. Do not repair the bike without permission of rental company. You need to contact them then be instructed.
  6. Below is normal costs for a motorbike repair in Vietnam:

  • On this moment: 1 euro is 24.000 VMD and 1 dollar is 22.000 VMD
  • Repair flat tire 10,000 / 30,000
  • Relace new tire: 80.000 – 120.000
  • Replace Electric Stator 200.000 / 300.000
  • Oil change 90,000 – 120,000
  • Fix front and backlight 50.000
  • Stoplight switch 20.000
  • Bungeecords 20,000 – 40,000
  • New chain and sprockets 250,000
  • New Relaybox 20,000
  • Chain tightened up 10,000
  • New inner tube 80.000
  • Spark plug lead 50.000

  1. View our motorbikes list and prices table

  2. Contact us for any questions or advice via:

  • Chat right in this webiste
  • Whatsapp: +84 348421282
  • Hotline: +84941365563
  • Email: huescooterental@gmail.com
  1. Choose your suitable motorbike and fill in the booking form or provides us below information:

  • Your name and ways to contact you.
  • Type and number of bike you want to hire
  • When and where you would like to pick up the bike
  • Where and when you would like to return the bike.
  1. Hidden Land Travel will confirm the total price and your reservation

  • We will deliver the bike to your place and accessories as agreed
  • Both parties will read and sign in the motorbike hiring contract
  • You will pay the renting fee for our staff and give staff deposit (luggages/1 Passport or 300 usd/bike)
  • We will take and send the luggage to next destination (if you request)
  • Contact us when you want to return the bike 30 minutes in advance, Our staff will come to your place to collect the bike and return your deposit.

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  • Yamaha novou LX 135cc
  • Honda win manual 115 cc
  • Yamaha XTZ manual 125cc
  • Honda XR, Suzuki En, Kawasaki manual 150cc
  • Honda CRF, Degree, XR, Kawasaki KLX 250cc
  • Specification of 650cc motorbikes

Semi-Automatic motorbikes are more stable and save more petrol. The bikes even work well in the off road and mountainous areas. However, the rider will find it hard with the gears in the first time.

hue to ha noi motorbike rental

The 135cc motorbike is a new version of Yamaha has sporty and luxurious styles. This is not only powerful for almost type of roads in Vietnam, but also has a big size for anyone. Besides, Novou 135cc is quite easy to ride and work stably.

phong nha to ha hoi motorbike rental

Perhaps, the Honda 100 win is no longer strange to any bikers. This clutch motorbike has compact size, lightweight and comfortable posture. Thank to high chassis and durable engine, Honda win is extremely suitable for mountainous areas

phong nha to ha hoi motorbike rental

Yamaha XTZ 125cc with a 125cc engine block with a maximum power of 12.5 horsepower for comfort on all off-roads. This is the perfect motorbike for every type of roads, size of people and purposes of travel. You will have an awesome trip time in Viet Nam when select these bikes to accompany.

phong nha to ha hoi motorbike rental

Manual motorbike 150cc is a completely new face of off-road vehicles. The dirt bike looks more aggressive and sporty. The Bike’s front fenders are high, the tank is designed neatly. Especially, if you are a “Top Gear” fan, this monster will be one of the best options to accompany you.

phong nha to ha hoi motorbike rental