Explore the wonderland of Ba Na Hill Danang

Ba Na Hill Danang

It is nothing wrong to say that Ba Na Hill Danang is a green lung, a precious gem that the Creator gives to Viet Nam tourism. For sure, tourist will have many options as well as see something brand new beside the wonderful landscape in the city. This post of Hue Scooter rental will help you out and provide you the most necessary information as well as means of transport to have a good trip.

Ba Na Hill Danang – 4 seasons within a single day

Ba Na Hill Danang

Just one day staying at Ba Na Hill, you can feel the moments of the 4 seasons. In the morning when the day start, you can feel the fresh air of spring, and later the warm sunshine appears like summer weather. As for the afternoon, do not forget to wear a thin shirt with the cool temperature, and cold as the winter climate when the night down.

Colorful flowers on Ba Na Hill Danang.

Ba Na Hill Danang

At here, colorful flowers are grown everywhere so you only need to get down the cable cars and take a walk around the park, you can contemplate all beauties of flowers. Ba Na Hills has a cool climate all year round. The temperature fluctuate under 20 degree. Ba Na is considered as house of paradise and fairy space with experience of 4 seasons in one day. Thanks to favour of nature, Ba Na has many different kinds of beautiful flowers.

In Ba Na, there are flowers everywhere, however they are taken good care of, decorated beautifully and suitable to each space of this place. In France village, you can enjoy aromatic flavour and color of flowers from Europe such as pansee,Begonias, Geraniums,… In spirit places, there are many flower which are light, natural restful such as lotuses. Besides, when entering Tam Quan Gate, you will be very surprised by 200 beautiful peach trees.

The Golden Bridge – a stunning walkway in Ba Na Hill Danang

Ba Na Hill Danang

Recently, Da Nang city has just opened a new unique architecure for tourist called The Golden Bridge – a perfect selfie site in Thien Thai Garden which belongs with Ba Na Hill. Obviously, this is the one of the most notable constructions in Da Nang and it also gives something brand new beside famous Marble MountainsMonkey Mountain and My Khe beach.

At an altitude of 1400 m above sea level, Ba Na Hill is always shimmering, fanciful in the mist slightly mist, like the scene of the first time.

Ba Na Hill Danang – wandering at the real paradise on Earth

To get to Ba Na, you will sit on the most modern 4-way cable car system in Southeast Asia. There is nothing interesting than sitting on the Ba Na cable car suspended in the middle of the clouds, looking down at the mountains and forests and enjoy the scenery of Ba Na nature reserve. The higher the fog the thicker, the more blurry the space and the cold feeling in the summer makes visitors excited to stop at the first leg of the cable. Tourist will se the clouds almost cover the mountains. If you come to Ba Na in the middle of July, you will enjoy cultural activities such as procession, tug-of-war, dance and music, photo exhibition, calligraphy.

The unique train on Ba Na Hill Danang

Ba Na Hill Danang

If you do not have the feeling of being close to nature while on a cable car, then take a mountain-climbing train. This helps discover the wild nature of the primeval forest, the plants and the purity of the the space, bring a special ecological walks unforgettable. You can go to the top of the mountain, Debay wine cellar, Tinh Tam garden … by train without having to walk or wait for transit vehicles as before.

Spiritual sites on Ba Na Hill Danang

Ba Na Hill Danang

It seems that all the fatigue disappears when visitors see the Buddha statue create meditation belongs to the largest ones in Asia. Linh Ung Pagoda is built on the high altitude and extremely sacred, the architectural delicate, elegant pagodas create calm, peace in the heart of each traveler when visiting the temple. In particular, the temple has a 27m high statue of the Brahmin, who surrounded the statue with eight faces representing the eight stages of the Buddha’s life.

Motorbike – the best way to explore Ba Na Hill Da Nang

Motorbike is the most popular type because of its comfort and economical. With reasonable price 6-7 USD per day from Da Nang motorbike rental or Hoi An motorbike rental, tourists can admire the scenery, take pictures along the way and discover the beautiful tourist spots such as Hoi An/Da Nang monkey moutain motorbike, My Khe Beach and so on.

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