Sinh wood painting village- the interesting Hue’s folk culture

The Sinh wood painting village was formed quite early since hundreds years ago.  It was one of the unique things that feudal dynasties of Viet Nam have left behind. Sinh village is on the banks of the Perfume River. This ancient village has diversed cultural characteristics, unique, especially folk prints, make things for offerings.

Sinh wood painting village

Sinh wood painting village

Besides the mirrors (glass paintings) are hanging in many tombs, palaces, traveleres can enjoy another beauty of Hue culture via Sinh panting. This is a line of woodblocks commonly used in the ancient capital of Hue. Up to now, despite the prosperous time, there are still many families make many pictures. As a result, it has been becaming a fascinating destination of many tourist. Today, let’s take a trip with Hue scooter rental to this tourist attraction to discover a unique of Hue city and experience the special things outside the bustle city.

Where is Sinh wood painting village?

From the center of Hue city and down the Perfume River about 9km,you will get to Phu Mau commune. It’s in Phu Vang district embracing 7 villages with such a rich land. With the convenient location, tourist can easily get here by comfortable motorbike rental in Hue for 30 minutes drving.

Sinh wood painting village

In fact, the high way that leads to Sinh village is quite close to the way to beaches, lagoons and the primeval mangrove forest of Ru Cha. Therefore, it provides many choices for you to have a memorable trip to the countryside of Hue. Also, this is a chance for you to enjoy other interesting paces of the old capital within a day.

What to see in Sinh wood painting village?

In terms of technology and materials, the village of Sinh is similar in origin to the folk paintings of Dong Ho, the famous Hang Trong in Ha Noi. These are woodblock prints, using wind or scribble paper to create iridescence on paper. It also uses the natural materials to make colors. When making a picture, the wood engraving only serves as the mold and the primary color, the remaining colors are handmade by the artist. Therefore, each painting is a different creation. The existence of the pictures of the village go through many ups and downs.

Sinh wood painting village

The more people know about Sinh village, the more chances this type of painting speading to others villages. They come to experience with painters. Traditional materials such as wind-paper, shell and natural color are displayed and introduced to visitors by the pride of the painters on the essence of the profession they have tried to preserve. To response the needs of quick-experience of visitors, painters have used color products and industrial paper for convenience. Many families of foreign visitors come here to experience, especially the hand-printed woodblock print, the corresponding age of the children to make a very interesting souvenir.

Motorbike – the most convenient way to experience Sinh wood painting village

The convenient location of Sinh wood painting village gives tourist many ways to get here and the best one if by motorbike. Hue motorbike rental will provide you the cheapest, strongest, most stable and support for your trip. Also, Hue motorbike tour full day is an ideal choice for you as our friendly tour guide and supporters are ready. Let’s take a trip and we are ready for the memorable trip with you!

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