Thuan An Beach

When the summer comes and the sun begin to rise more powerful than ever, the traveler start to find a place with calm peace and comfortable atmosphere of Thuan An beach. Forever immersed in the wild place of beautiful nature. It’s absolutely a valueable eperience when taking a picnic to this beautiful landscape and stay away from the bustle city. Let’s take a trip with Hue scoote rental now!

Where is Thuan An Beach?

Thuan An beach is located in Thuan An town, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province. It is right next to Thuan An estuary. This is the place where the Perfume River flows down the Tam Giang lagoon and to the East Sea, with the great ocean. At a result, the Beach brings a personal beauty between the light of the gentle river and the vast ocean.

Thuan An Beach

Tourist who want to admire Thuan An beach only take 3o minutes from Hue city by convenient Hue motorbike rental. Summer is coming that travel to Thuan An to enjoy the scenery and immerse into the water in the cool air is out of this world!

What to see in Thuan An Beach?

One of the special things that make Thuan An Beach fascinated tourists is that the scenery is changing with each season.  It definitely depends on climate. However, this central beach is still attractive enough to anyone to come one and miss forever.

  1. Beautiful landscapes around.

There are many ways for Hue tourists to go to Thuan An beach. On the way, you have chance to see the scenery of Ru Cha – a primeval mangrove forest which was recognized diversified ecosystem, possesses the mysterious beauty and charm on bank of the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia. It is truly a great destination for travelers who love exploring and hunting for amazing photos.

Thuan An Beach

One more to go, Chuon Lagoon is the typical of the romance of Hue. The architecture is simple but also quite interesting which typically coastal life Viet Nam. The long bamboo arch bridge will take you from one area to the others. There are many types of fishes and seafoods that available in nets so as to fit requests of visitors.

2. Beautiful sand sites for relaxing

Thuan An beach Hue has the smooth white sand beaches which are completely free of shells, snails as they are commonly seen in other central beaches.

Thuan An Beach

One day at Thuan An Beach Hue Vietnam, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the change of the face of the sea. When the sun is high, the wave is constantly endlessly as just hit the play and then push away. This is one of the most favorite beach in Viet Nam beacause of thousands tourist come here per year. As its fame, the people around have been starting to make some products due to tourist’s need. Almost of them are souvenir, equipment for camping, swimming and restaurants.

Motorbike – the best way to explore Thuan An Beach

The convenient location of Thuan An Beach gives tourist many ways to get here and the best one if by motorbike. Hue motorbike rental will provide you the cheapest, strongest, most stable and support for your trip. Also, Hue motorbike tour full day is an ideal choice for you as our friendly tour guide and supporters are ready. Let’s take a trip and we are ready for the memorable trip with you!

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