Chuon Lagoon

You have been to Hue many times and have seen the ancient royal tombs, peaceful and spiritual building of Hue pagoda. You also may have come to Tam Giang lagoon, Thuan An beach, but you may not yet come to Chuon Lagoon.

Chuon Lagoon

Chuon Lagoon

The scenery and local life here seem far beyond the concept of beauty. Especially, it’s even spectacular more in the early morning and in the afternoon with the colorful views. Today, let’s take a trip to explore this stunning destination with Hue scooter rental and ready to have the great feeling ahead.

Where is Chuon Lagoon?

Although locating a bit far from the city center, the floating restaurant in the middle of the Chuon lagoon (Tam Giang lagoon system) is an exciting destination for those who like to be free at the weekend.
Follow the Highway 49 and turn toward Phu Vang district, the way to Dam Chuon Hue is 15km from city center. It would take 45 minutes to get there via motorbike rental in Hue. Then take a boat of local to get to the floating restaurants.

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Chuon Lagoon

Road to Chuon Lagoon

Interesting things and amazing scenery in Chuon Lagoon

There are many restaurants on Chuon lagoon, each of which is very large and has a boat to pick guests from the private pier to the dining area.

Chuon Lagoon

Boat to restaurant

At the wharf, the boat will take you for free to restaurant. Thanks to that, you have chance to take a look around the lagoon and enjoy the beauty.

Chuon Lagoon

Beautiful scenery

The architecture is simple but also quite interesting which typically coastal life Viet Nam. The long bamboo arch bridge will take you from one area to the others. There are many types of fishes and seafoods that available in nets so as to fit requests of visitors.

Chuon Lagoon

Tasty seafood

The spaces are great for group of 5-10 people or big family. On the full moon night, this is the ideal place to have a good view to enjoy the scenery. Even after lunch, you can rest comfortably right in the bamboo hutch then enjoy the natural wind.Especially for those who are falling in love, Chuon lagoon Hue is the ideal place for dating and having memories togther.


Best time and notes when travelling in Chuon Lagoon

  • The best time of year is from April to July. This is the summer time when you feel comfortable to enjoy the fascinating views of Hue Lagoons.
  •  Check your gas carefully if you ride a motorbike because the road is quite far away. You should use strong sunscreen because you almost have the sun bath all the way.
  • Dam Chuon is home to many kinds of seafood, so absolutely do not litter into the lagoon to protect the ecosystem as well as the rice bowl of the locals here.

Mortorbike – the best way to explore Chuon Lagoon

The convenient location of the tomb gives tourist many ways to get here and the best one if by motorbike. Hue motorbike rental will provide you the cheapest, strongest, most stable and support for your trip. Also, Hue motorbike tour full day is an ideal choice for you as our friendly tour guide and supporters are ready. Let’s take a trip and we are ready for the memorable trip with you!

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