Never miss the chance to enjoy Hoi An food

The world’s most famous tourist website Tripadvisor voted and published the list of 10 most Asian attractive culinary destinations. Hoi An food proudly ranked at number six of the list. In fact, for those who have ever been to Hoi An old town, the common comments about the cuisine here is always being 5-star . So, if you are looking for authentic Vietnamese food, Hoi An is definitely an ideal stop that’s a paradise for all vegetarians. Hidden Land Travel would love to introduce you the most famous food in which are must-try specilities in Hoi An.

Enjoy the Chicken rice taste of Hoi An food

Rice for cooking chicken rice is delicious, aromatic and flexible. It is carefully selected, seasoned and cooked with chicken broth, pineapple leaves in the wood stove. Chicken used is still silk, soft meat but not firm. After boiling, the chicken is torn and squeezed with onions, onions, salt and pepper. Finally, they put the rice on the plate, chicken to tear up rice, eat with onion, papaya, Tra Que aromatic vegetables, soy sauce and chili sauce. Also, a dish of chicken rice-best food in Hoi An is mouth-watering with its pleasantly yellowed rice topped with hand-shredded chicken and herbs. It is served with a small bowl of soup containing some chicken giblets like heart and liver.

Chicken rice best food in Hoi An

Chicken Rice

Cao Lau- Unique of Hoi An food

People do not know the high floor not because it is not good but because this delicious dish is humble. Many people think that this dish is Chinese, but overseas Chinese do not recognize it. The Japanese say it is like their udon noodles but different in taste and processing.

best food in Hoi An

Cao lau

People may not know much about Cao Lau as much as Quang noodle because this dish is humble and homely. Many people argue that the food is original from China, but the overseas Chinese does not recognize it. Many Japanese say Cao Lau is familiar to their udon noodles but different in taste and processing.
Cucumber is eaten with lots of herbs and vegetables which greatly enhance its flavors of Hoi An food.

Quang noodle(Mi Quang)- the most popular dish in Hoi An food

While Hue city is famous for Beef Noodle(Bun Bo Hue) of Hue cuisine, Mi Quang is well-known for all most of tourist who have ever visited Da Nang and Hoi An. It is recognizable with its thin, flat rice noodles glazed with a mixture of peanut oil fried with onion and usually yellow broth. In fact, all of these make a unique and interesting point to visitors. Traditionally, the main ingredients are from shrimp and pork, which are also used to cook the broth and as toppings together with peanuts and rice crackers. But Mi Quang has gradually become diverse with more toppings like chicken, fish, squid, eggs, snails, and even frogs.

best food in Hoi An

Quang noodle

Hoi An Banh Mi- the most delicious sandwich of Hoi An food

In terms of fillings, Hoi An banh mi is the kind of sandwich which has the most choices. From grill pork, fried eggs to liver pate or Rousong (meat floss), they are all irresistible and appertizing. Furthermore, you can even mix some of them or even all of them together if you want. Just order a deluxe banh mi- Hoi An food, you will have a special one with more filling than any other sandwiches.

best food in Hoi An

Hoi An Banh Mi

White Rose (Banh Bao Vac)-Strange dish of best Hoi AN food

This Hoi An specialty was actually the best street food in Hoi An. It is a steamed shrimp dumpling made from translucent dough that is folded in such a way as to resemble a white rose. Often garnished with roasted garlic and accompanied by a sweet shrimp and chili dipping sauce.  This starter is simply delicious. White Rose can only be found in Hoi An food, so be sure to take advantage of its availability while you’re there.

best food in Hoi An

banh bao vac

How to enjoy Hoi An food?

You can easily find out these above Hoi An food  in almost restaurants or streets. Therefore, Hoi An motorbike hire is the best choice to get a scooter travelling around the old town and enjoy local foods.  Apart from it, Hoi An monkey and marble mountain motorbike tour is one of the best choice for tourist to explore Hoi An street foods and places. Besides, Hoi An fishing eco tour at Bay Mau palm forest is always thousands of enthusiasts activity that the travelers should not miss. Let’s set off your journey to Hoi An right now