Together exploring the wild Elephant Springs Hue

 Elephant Springs Hue is surrounded by majestic passes and also a popular eco-tourism destination for visitors who love to discover natural beauty of Viet Nam. This is truly an excellent break in the journey from Hue to Da Nang or Hoi An. Together with Hue scooter rental to discover the interesting things and fabulous activities to do when visit this awesome destination.


Elephant Springs Hue beauty

Elephant Springs Hue


Location of Elephant Springs Hue

Elephant Springs Hue is located in the west of mountainous area which is 60km from old capital Hue city. Also, the Stream is nearby the border of the two provinces Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang. Thus, It just takes 50km to the Elephant Springs if you are in Da Nang city. This is a very large stream with many large waterfalls pour under the diversity of flora and fauna. As a result, Elephant Springs Hue is a favorite stop for those who do Hue to Hoi An top gear tour.

Stunning scenes and amazing activities in Elephant Spring Hue

The green trees shade, fresh air, birds singing are peaceful scenes you will feel on the way to the entrance. The blue, cool water of the Elephant Springs Hue was origin from the tunnels in the Truong Son Mountains forest. In fact, it’s the beautiful combination of Earth and Sky, a unique wildness scene.

Beautiful scenes of Elephant Springs Hue

Beautiful scenes of Elephant Springs Hue

You will be impressive by the huts which locals built around massive stones. At here, near a relatively flowing waterfall is a stone statue shaped an elephant is lying on. Perhaps that is the reason why they call Elephant Waterfall or Elephant Springs.

The roofed huts that mentioned above are truly convenient places for relaxing and resting. The interesting point is that almost these huts are floating on the water so that you can eat, talk and immerse your legs down the cool water. In addition, you can order the foods for lunch such as: rice, chicken, morning glory. Especially chicken meat is a must-try speciality if you ever come here the Waterfall. Chicken and biscuits are cooked just sweet meat, delicious salting with lemon pepper. This is an effective way to get the energy for await destinations from Hue to ancient Hoi An Town.

Chicken for lunch in Elephant Springs Hue

Chicken for lunch in Elephant Springs Hue

There is a lake area known as the Elephant Lagoon, which is a natural swimming pool between two falls. It’s about 30 meters wide, 2 meters deep. This is the ideal place to swim, relax and take a sunbathing .The water here is really cool, fresh and beautiful blue one in the summer. If you love to explore, try to follow the stone paths to upstream inside jungle. The more you go, the more beautiful the natural scenery appears in Elephant Springs Hue.

What to prepare when visit Elephant Springs Hue?

Underwear or bikini and towel are two necessary things that visitors must bring to Elephant Springs Hue. Besides, tourists should bring sun scream and a little money for paying entrance ticket, parking fee, local drinks, food and dressing room fee.

+Entrance ticket: 15.000 VND

+Insurance: 5000 VND

+Motorbike parking fee: 2000 VND

+Dressing room fee: 1000 VND

Recommended Tours and vehicle for doing Elephant Springs Hue

There are many ways you can choose to get to Elephant Springs Viet Nam. If you are in Hue, taking a motorbike in Hue scooter rental is the most breathtaking choice for discovering the Waterfall. These are well-maintained, cheap and powerful motorbike. You can have your private time enjoy the real trip and do whatever you want.  Also, if you need a tour guide or rider, Hue to Hoi An top gear tour as mentioned is the most ideal tour to do.




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